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I Like All Those Things I You

Children Stories Drama Others

I like all those things in you, That is reflected in your name!

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My Poem! My Smile!


Every writer needs appreciation, me too, Because it is the ornament of his words, Tha

1    27 2

My Star!


The poem shows a daughter asking the stars about her father,

1    166 5

My Heaven!!

Drama Romance

Was the moment a birth or a blessing, That we met without any warning?

1    312 15

When You Are With Me!

Romance Drama

My love.... When you are with me, I stay lost in you, unaware of things around me, I have n...

1    276 31

Come, Let's Meet One Day!

Abstract Drama Romance

Let's pray to make this sun and this moon meet one day, Though science shouts, it's not possible ...

2    364 8

If You Ask Me!

Drama Romance

If you ask me if you are a part of my life? I will say "No....you are whole of my life!"

1    87 6

The Same Night!

Drama Romance

I sit under this night sky, full of stars, They look beautiful, even when they are in fars, Th...

1    268 4

The Unanswered Call!


I got upset, not with him but the rejection, But I knew, ignoring me on the line was not his intent...

1    286 4

My First Files!


My first day on this Earth, As people say, the day of my birth...

2    41 2

I Will Be The Love!


I may not be the flower you may smile at, I may not be the girl you may wink at...

1    453 10

It Was You!


Though open, my eyes had become blind, Unknown and lost, my good world was behind, I wanted to...

1    143 10

Someone Asked Me!


This poem is about a girl answering questions about her love

1    118 8

Think Of You!

Drama Romance

I look at the white moon, And think of you, How it makes the dark night sky, Look so beauti...

1    265 5

A Blur Memory

Drama Tragedy

Finally, she went inside the Forest and I sat there, Waiting for her to return back soon, Time...

2    74 4

The Plea Of Every Girl

Drama Tragedy

Oh, real men! Respect the creation that God himself made, Its a plea, don't rape and don't let ot...

1    116 8

I Wonder What Love Is!

Drama Romance

Oh! I think love cannot be defined, It cannot be in one's heart, confined, But yes, with love,...

1    142 3

I Don't Know How He...


I don't know, how he lives, I don't know, how he feels!

1    44 3



Loneliness isn't curable, as it's durable, But one can stay at distance from it, How?...is one...

1    188 25

The Friendship


This poem shows how love and friendship changes.

2    138 6

Poem By Love!


This poem is a dedication from love to lovers.

1    110 5

Oh Life


Oh life...so much you have within you! But... but..it's very difficult to live you!

2    224 45

The Love Birds!!


This poem portraits the love between two birds.

2    427 35