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Harikrishnan Nair 

Dear Readers, I Marched out of my mothers womb into this beautiful world on a 14th. As a Piscean, I am a blend of simple, shy, introvert, crazy and sometimes (most more

Home - The School For Parents


Never ignore your child, no matter whatever is at stake...

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I……I Am Fine

Inspirational Drama

A story that highlights the ground reality for women and urges the society to move forward and promote gender equality.

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Killed after Death


A barrage of feelings rising in the heart of a citizen, after the Kathua murder incident..

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LOL !!!

Fantasy Inspirational

The dawn taught me that fireflies and butterflies, both are destined to shine, in their own time zone...

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The Line 2


Life is an adventure, we should embark on.. else life will seem like an incomplete puzzle..

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