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Manish Seth   Author of the Year 2018 - Nominee

Read and read so much that your inner self should explode for writing...!

The Doomed Palace


Inside as you step, as you see around Spectacular beauty, spellbound! On the painted walls, glitter abounds The grandeur of Palace; nowhere be found

1    239 0

The Haunted Treehouse

Drama Others

In the bounty of sylvan green There stands a Treehouse alone Stripped naked, unclean

1    290 2

For One Last Time

Drama Others

Goodbyes are painful, with a pang of finality, but it need not be the last. Let the Last last a bit long.

1    259 3

A Lone Walk

Drama Others

A lone walk is a walk we need To understand and describe; who are we, And to be true self, not a mimeograph A Survivor of reality, with a true victory

1    16 4

Palace Of Melancholy

Fantasy Others

All what we need is a Leap of Faith to set ourselves free from the quagmire and lead a great life. Let the soul be free.

1    80 7



This poem is about the stories untold

1    12 4

Dreams Don't Die


The poem is about working hard to achieve your dream as it may never die

1    10 3


Abstract Children Stories

The poem is an oath to be with the mother forever.

1    41 5

Bridge To Paradise


Long and rusty, undulating The bridge to Paradise Guiding pilgrims, oscillating From night until sunrise

1    97 5

The Berries Of Wisdom


In the garden of the wisest king The berries of wisdom found Hanging near the vineyards Abundant and abound

1    129 7

The Fair Skinned Bride


A fair skinned bride Is Indian men's pride The lightness of the skin Is liked by 'His' kith and kin

2    234 11

Beautifully Small


Look at small things and see their beauty

1    13.6K 20



"Rose and rose, it rose very high, Unhindered up to the vibrant sky"

1    6.7K 35

The Vantage Point


"Come look from the point I am looking, The world is a very beautiful place"

1    7.3K 76

Sky Lantern


"Like a shining star it moves along Shimmering, shedding all its light With ethereal glow, up and up"

1    7.1K 41

The Window

Abstract Inspirational Tragedy

Are disabilities a blockade of life? Come, lets have a peek at it from a different Window !

1    15.3K 78

No Offence Meant


Are we really offended by others? Or by evil that within resides?

1    13.4K 69

The Horrible Sin

Horror Tragedy

Rape is henious, gross and sinister. Are you a mute observer of the sin?

2    25.1K 212