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Manish Seth   Author of the Year 2018 - Nominee

Read and read so much that your inner self should explode for writing...!

  Literary Colonel

A Shard Of Light


A poem that talks about inner enlightenment and peace that destroys the evil sprouting in soul !

1    52 2

The Doomed Palace


Inside as you step, as you see around Spectacular beauty, spellbound! On the painted walls, gl...

1    328 3

The Haunted Treehouse

Drama Horror Others

Every one has their own story, even the broken tree house! Experience the erriness of the lonely Tre...

1    367 6

For One Last Time

Drama Others

Goodbyes are painful, with a pang of finality, but it need not be the last. Let the Last last a bit ...

1    339 9

A Lone Walk

Drama Others

A lone walk is a walk we need To understand and describe; who are we, And to be true self, not...

1    149 10

Palace Of Melancholy

Fantasy Others

All what we need is a Leap of Faith to set ourselves free from the quagmire and lead a great life. L...

1    234 17


Abstract Inspirational Tragedy

We all have untold stories that lay deeply engraved within us waiting to be shared. Have you also f...

1    83 11

Dreams Don't Die


The poem is about working hard to achieve your dream as it may never die

1    39 6


Abstract Children Stories

The poem is an oath to be with the mother forever.

1    76 6

Bridge To Paradise


Long and rusty, undulating The bridge to Paradise Guiding pilgrims, oscillating From night until ...

1    101 5

The Berries Of Wisdom


In the garden of the wisest king The berries of wisdom found Hanging near the vineyards Abundant and...

1    135 8

The Fair Skinned Bride


A fair skinned bride Is Indian men's pride The lightness of the skin Is liked by 'His' kith and kin

2    272 13

Beautifully Small


Look at small things and see their beauty

1    13.6K 20



"Rose and rose, it rose very high, Unhindered up to the vibrant sky"

1    6.7K 35

The Vantage Point


"Come look from the point I am looking, The world is a very beautiful place"

1    7.3K 77

Sky Lantern


"Like a shining star it moves along Shimmering, shedding all its light With ethereal glow, up and up...

1    7.1K 41

The Window

Abstract Inspirational Tragedy

Are disabilities a blockade of life? Come, lets have a peek at it from a different Window !

1    15.3K 78

No Offence Meant


Are we really offended by others? Or by evil that within resides?

1    13.4K 71

The Horrible Sin

Horror Tragedy

Rape is henious, gross and sinister. Are you a mute observer of the sin?

2    25.3K 217