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Aditya Mehta

  Literary Colonel

A Strange Kidnapping- Part 2


The story shows John kidnapped and found in the alien world.

1    76 1

Chaos at the Train Station

Children Stories Drama Crime

In the background, I could hear an awful commotion: men’s voices and women screaming.

2    294 24

A Strange Kidnapping : Part 1


He overlooked the large, bustling metro of Mumbai

1    268 15

A Frightening Experience

Children Stories Fantasy

I sprinted back home within minutes from the start of my playtime

2    271 52

Man's Best Friend

Children Stories Drama

Sam panics as he is not able to find his 'Goldie'. Does he find his pet dog?

3    213 43



After our meal, we were all reinvigorated and began exploring the island.

2    232 22

A Tale Of Forgiveness

Abstract Children Stories Inspirational

A story that is very relevant in all of our lives

3    374 20

The Photo Album

Drama Others

It was a vintage photo album: the pages were all dusty, the writing faded and all the pictures were ...

2    265 4

The Photo Album


The picture that intrigued me the most was the one at any empty street in Rome, with no one for mile...

2    570 5

The Fortune Teller

Comedy Inspirational

this talks about superstitions and how stuppid they can sometimes bee.  

2    11.0K 329

The Test


this is a classic folk with a modern twist that dipicts your average classroom

2    11.2K 270

Was It All Just A Dream


Ten-year old Daniel is visiting Switzerland. But, he mysteriously is lost the next in a hospital. Th...

5    10.9K 346