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Meera betham

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Shower Me Your Love


My tears kiss my cheeks It flows like raindrops I don't know the time

2    50 4

Religion Is Not Made By God


Respect each and every religion As well as all the gods Made by us

1    282 2

I'm One, A Fan Of Cricket


I'm the captain of my school team I remember all those days once again I'm also shouting along...

1    79 4

Is Education A Business Now?


Yes it's a business Nowadays If you're looking for a profitable business The best option is...

1    90 5

The Promise


The poem shows that marriage life is beautiful when both keep up the promises.

1    34 3

A Good Dream

Drama Fantasy

I'm so happy If the time stands still Like the way My soul dancing My mind captured ...

1    30 1

Watering A Plant


Watering plant every day With great love and care It leaves a reply of Pleasure and calmnes...

1    108 3

I'm Sleepy


My light diminished, To allow me a soft sleep...

1    72 3

My Hands Still In His Hands


But now He is older He needs my help And my support

1    88 6

I Can't Get The Money

Drama Others

A man's struggles to make money and to save for a good life

1    73 4

I Voted


We must fight to get the right things By voting So I started to vote So vote for the right

1    268 2

Sports And Games

Children Stories Others

Sports and games boosted Our energy levels Gives strength to our body

1    351 2

She Holds My Breath


I feared more And try to escape from her It's not possible for me Because she holds my brea...

1    47 0

The Raising Souls


This poem is about the soldiers sacrificing their lives for our country

1    32 1

The Children Need A Family

Abstract Drama

This poem is about parents who divorced without considering the feelings of their children

2    133 4

About My Words


Sometimes I love my words, Which are forever In the reader's mind

1    78 2

The Disturbance

Abstract Others

I feel the dust particles in the air Sprinkled on my head It weighed more and more

1    61 4

My Soul


This poem is about a soul and body getting separated

1    31 2

The Target


I try to motivate myself I read good books I listen to motivational speeches All those help...

1    17 3

Broken Dreams

Abstract Fantasy

This poem is about how a bad dream becomes a good positive one

1    48 4

Why My Heart Never Failed?


Why my heart never failed? I wondered...

1    50 3

The Summer Date


In the summer evening Walking on the Beach along with him By holding his hand The cool breeze mur...

1    150 5

Do You Need A Hug


I need a hug, To continue my life cycle...

1    231 22

The Pen Is Replaced By Someone

Abstract Drama

The pen walks away from my path With a broken heart

1    257 24

She Is Waiting For Someone....


Her rosy lips dried, Her pink cheeks turns pale...

1    281 44

The Sleepless Night Wants Cool


It's a compulsion and needed thing

1    63 3

The Hope Is Our Life's Breathe


You're not listening to my words...

1    256 21

The Dress Asked A Question

Abstract Inspirational

When you wear me, I feel to climb an Everest...

1    60 4

She Is


She starts twinkling like a star, She is glowing like a candle...

1    223 5

The Day You Left Me

Others Tragedy

I found heartless people around me, And everywhere.

1    196 26

The Days Going On


I look at all around, The dark screens moving away, The beautiful nature coming near to me.

1    324 27

Vacuum In Me


My thoughts flying with the help of beautiful words...

1    342 20

Feelings Of A Thought

Drama Others

Your entire way of treating me, Irritated me more and more;

1    224 41

The Tears


You're my pain relievers- My best buddies!

1    199 25

A Lady Of Spirit On The Stage


She is dancing on the stage...

2    106 3

She is Blue

Classics Others

The poem describes her, she is so beautiful like a butterfly that even the sky is jealous.

1    114 4

I Need Love

Love is a fuel of life Everybody needs love To run the life vehicle

1    70 4

The Night

Fantasy Thriller

I think I lost my heart but, Small bravery remains In my mind; It saved my night.

1    157 5


Abstract Others

From birth to death, You have the choice of making, Your own journey.

1    131 5

A Cup Of Coffee

Abstract Others

Narration of prevailing human tendency to value money over personal life and health.

1    127 7

A Woman Plays A Role In A Play

Drama Others

Women is an eternal beauty Her fragrance spreads around

1    82 5

A Story


The story begins, By the birth of a baby..

1    120 6

Save The Nature


After moving some distance, And there I found the reason, For their sadness...

2    78 3

Her Never Ending Story


Respect her feelings Expressed her thoughts Romantic sometimes Harsher on her situations Thrille...

1    72 2



Her work buried her desire

1    133 4

The Rose Day


A rose attracted all, With beautiful smile..

1    81 4

I Lost Myself


I lost myself in my dreams..

1    94 3

The Mother


You touched me with love and care...

1    229 8