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Raju Ganapathy

Raju has 30+ years of work in the development sector. Now he has taken to writing and covers issues related to development, current topics and thrillers. He has studied at IIT and IRMA. Runs half marathon occasionally. instagram: onemeterchai#flashfiction read more

  Literary Colonel



A therapist and his family - wife, and sons - are addicted to social media

4    289 0

Cock Tale Of The Mixologist

Comedy Drama

The story of a transgender who is well supported by her parents and becomes a successful mixologist

2    160 0

Operation Meghdoot

Drama Fantasy

One's interest and passion can lead to the achievement of great results.

4    3 0

When Deepika Danced


Story about efforts made by people to bring rain in the scorching weather.

3    2 0

Reminiscing Suhas


As I took to some philosophy in my late middle- age I came across J. Krishnamurthy who said often in...

4    51 0

Kamala Succumbs To Drought

Drama Tragedy

Kamala staggered back towards her home. After standing for several hours she got her share of two pl...

3    324 0

Universe City


It was a city of the universe with many roads. All the roads leading to the same destination.

3    266 0

Googly From Hoogly


The ball took the edge of the lower bat and flew safely into the hands of Dhoni. The match was almos...

4    23 0

Ram Rahim Rayan

Abstract Children Stories

The story speaks about a boy whose name was being debated as it was Ram Rahim Rayan

3    29 0

Padam And Payal Took A Kadam


I am not a prophet but this is my prophecy. We will have to wait for a propitious moment to see if m...

2    305 0

Secret Of The Sassy Scribe


Can anyone say this is Made in India? Or I created it? I am just an eclectic receiver With ...

3    28 0

Marapachi Ponni

Drama Fantasy

Ponni, the little heroine of this tale looked like a Marapachi doll dark, lean and small built. But ...

4    47 0

The Mango Tree


Once she was ill but refused treatment except for the nattu vaidyam (native herbal treatment). It ke...

3    59 0

The Last Resort


It was 15th August, Independence Day for the country. After he hoisted the flag, the youngest son ga...

3    10 0

A Brief History Of A Nation


Once there was plenty of grass. Then came the invaders, Who ate up a lot of grass.

2    9 0

How They Hung The Parliament


In a small rural town in Tamilnadu, poor and hungry Palani was sipping his tea when he heard about t...

2    30 1

Great Indian Football Team


Occasionally he smoked a cigarette from the brand of Wills and he had a will and the way was found. ...

4    32 0

That Eerie Night


Manickam was tossing and turning in his bed in the room on the top floor with a small balcony facing...

4    299 1

Martyr Doom

Drama Others

The boy sobbed to his friend “my dad went on a train and came back in a coffin.” Is there any god ca...

3    255 0

A Dystopian Bangalore, 2069,AD

Drama Others

It was 4 am when the beep came. The commander Ravi had a restless sleep. The beep meant that the sch...

4    320 22

Mr. Maverick, School Teacher


I considered him lucky as the cue must have come from the Shiva himself.

3    40 0

A Fairy Told A Tale


Once a fairy started telling a tale. Perhaps it was broadly agreed in history that Adam and Eve were...

3    218 28

Durga Takes Aim At Queen Bee

Drama Action

The story shows killing a kidnapper with poisoned paan.

7    32 1

Rainbow Revolution


Farmers as a community in spite of being a majority were still searching for the ‘NYAY’ in this demo...

3    366 24

Gyanada, The Chess Robot

Drama Fantasy

The operation began in secrecy and it was code name “Shatranj.”

4    233 21

Alarm Bell In Bengaluru


Does the alarm bell ever toll for the Bangalore city?

4    270 1

Durga Takes Vengeance

Drama Crime

The following Sunday morning Manjunatha never returned home from his morning walk. He covered his fa...

11    65 0

Tale Of The Forlorn Tusker


The story shows how animals are prey to humans.

3    58 0

The Fizzling Campaign


The Minister opened the topic and thundered that easy access to junk foods and fizzy drinks were the...

3    306 44



Sadhvi herself was wo’manning’ the vehicle. It was designed to be a solo rider. Suddenly Sadhvi sens...

3    13 0

Ektano Vagado (People's forest)

Inspirational Others

The young scion had taken over as the Prime Minister with a ground swell of support from the nation....

3    301 34

My Guru, Cobbler

Children Stories Drama Inspirational

I got a bit distracted by a message in the smart phone and then the cobbler called me sir and handed...

2    282 29

The Indignant Munni


Rani used to work occasionally for the missionary NGO and the compensation she would get she saved f...

4    193 27

The Blue Horizon


The poem shows a girl being revived by a couple at the beach.

1    26 2

The Dark Horse


This is a success story of an Engineer and a basketball player

5    52 2

Modern Tale Of Vikram, Betaal


Betaal had enough of this batman like hanging. He was irritated by the sight of Vikram in his long K...

6    102 2

The "Chipko" Of Cubbon Park


She was named Aranya. She was born on 1st of April, couple of decades ago, and fooled every one in t...

7    235 41

Assassination Of Indian PM


The PM in her private chamber took the first shot of the day and carefully wrapped up the disposable...

19    325 39

My Bengali Friend, Bhupenda

Classics Drama

As I drifted into my sleep, I was wondering why Bhupenda was by himself, all alone...

7    339 49

Heal The Earth


Elsewhere in a small village called Bhumipura in the north Gujarat Vishnu Singh was also concerned a...

5    158 4

The Chaddi Campaign


She was the first candidate to publicly submit her campaign expense account audited...

9    466 15

The P-Cola


A Harward educated economist presented a seminal policy paper titled the “P Strategy for Purging of ...

6    473 45

Forsaken Land


God forsaken land, So it seems...

1    267 11

A Storm That Passed By


They both loved their daughter who was in her first year of work. A hard 12-hour schedule awaited th...

6    362 29