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Nisha Ghosh  

"Literary Brigadier"

Classroom Diaries

Children Fantasy Inspirational

This was a daily occurrence. He had to go and buy liquor from the wine shop for his father, if ever he objected to this, he would be beaten and would go unfed. The bell rang and all the kids rushed back to their class.

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Caged In A Ring

Drama Others

"Thank you for setting me free; I wanted freedom, but not by being caged to you or your wishes. I will forever be indebted to you, for you have made me realize that I would love to tear the blanket of security that you could provide me, to run with the wolves,” I answered.

2    13.4K 472

Facing My Abuser

Crime Inspirational

As soon as I walked into the lane, I remembered. I thought of going back to my friend’s place, but when I didn’t find him waiting, I thought it was my lucky day and proceeded forward. Just as I was halfway through, I could feel something creep up on my thigh, at the back of my skirt. 

5    26.0K 666

The Vows

Drama Others Romance

The big day has arrived. Peep in the heart of the would be bride and feel the turbulence that she goes through as she waits for him.

4    25.9K 545

Diamonds - A Woman'S Best Friend

Drama Horror

Drunken mistakes never end well. And domestic strife brought about by it can sometimes turn spooky...

4    27.5K 557

The Proposal

Drama Others Romance

Armed with a mike in hand, she looked around. Everything was as per plan; she had her set up right under his balcony,

4    13.5K 586

Cycle Of Viciousness

Drama Inspirational Others

This is how she wanted her family to be. Where laughter and happiness were in abundance; where in case of any trouble, financial or otherwise, they had each other’s backs. Where there was respect for each other, enough respect to be able to identify each other’s mistakes

4    26.5K 472

Pitter - Patter

Children Others Comedy

An encounter between two innocent lives on different sides of fortune.

2    27.2K 601

Fancy Dress Competition

Children Drama Inspirational

“Why do we need a dog at home when we have Dolly? All that she does since evening is guard the door waiting for your arrival”. Dolly has a sheepish grin on her face. I pull her close, give a peck on her cheek and whisper, “You know mamma is just jealous right?” Within seconds, she is back to her usual happy self.

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Drama Others Comedy

“Don’t let the pests ruin your life, kill them before they cause trouble,” her mother’s voice echoed through the silence. 

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The Lunch

Abstract Others Tragedy

Like little boys of his age, Amma was his super woman. There was nothing Amma could not do, no problem was ever too big for Amma to solve (including maths!). But the place he loved spending time most with Amma was in the kitchen.

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Drama Classics Inspirational

I look around my home, I now have own house, car and independence, have a heavy bank balance, can indulge in all my whims and fancies, not think twice before splurging. However, I have lost just the one thing that beats all of this any day. 

2    13.4K 552

5 Course Meal

Drama Romance Tragedy

Abdul worked in an electrician’s shop from morning to evening and then as a waiter at a hotel till midnight, he never had any vices, would manage to tell his prayers at least once a day if not 5. Never had Salim complained or requested for anything. 

4    13.2K 615

Have You?

Classics Thriller Tragedy

Crumpled bedsheet, Half stubbed cigarette, Wet towel tossed at the edge of the bed

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Inspirational Others Comedy

From taking care of her siblings, trying to be the perfect daughter, To taking care of her husband and kids, Trying to be the perfect wife and daughter-in-law.

1    27.9K 540

Funny Tedious Love

Drama Classics Romance

'It's too much responsibility and work! How would you manage it single handed?'

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Fantasy Classics Romance

Lost in his thoughts, he mixed the rice and dal to make a well, a tiny hand caressed his face as his teardrops fell, like waterfall.

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