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Nisha Ghosh

  Literary Brigadier

Classroom Diaries

Children Fantasy Inspirational

This was a daily occurrence. He had to go and buy liquor from the wine shop for his father, if ever ...

3    26.6K 517

Caged In A Ring

Drama Others

"Thank you for setting me free; I wanted freedom, but not by being caged to you or your wishes. I wi...

2    13.4K 472

Facing My Abuser

Crime Inspirational

As soon as I walked into the lane, I remembered. I thought of going back to my friend’s place, but w...

5    26.0K 666

The Vows

Drama Others Romance

The big day has arrived. Peep in the heart of the would be bride and feel the turbulence that she go...

4    25.9K 545

Diamonds - A Woman'S Best Friend

Drama Horror

Drunken mistakes never end well. And domestic strife brought about by it can sometimes turn spooky.....

4    27.5K 557

The Proposal

Drama Others Romance

Armed with a mike in hand, she looked around. Everything was as per plan; she had her set up right u...

4    13.5K 586

Cycle Of Viciousness

Drama Inspirational Others

This is how she wanted her family to be. Where laughter and happiness were in abundance; where in ca...

4    26.5K 472

Pitter - Patter

Children Others Comedy

An encounter between two innocent lives on different sides of fortune.

2    27.2K 601

Fancy Dress Competition

Children Drama Inspirational

“Why do we need a dog at home when we have Dolly? All that she does since evening is guard the door ...

3    26.9K 578


Drama Others Comedy

“Don’t let the pests ruin your life, kill them before they cause trouble,” her mother’s voice echoed...

5    26.9K 483

The Lunch

Abstract Others Tragedy

Like little boys of his age, Amma was his super woman. There was nothing Amma could not do, no probl...

3    40.4K 757


Drama Classics Inspirational

I look around my home, I now have own house, car and independence, have a heavy bank balance, can in...

2    13.4K 552

5 Course Meal

Drama Romance Tragedy

Abdul worked in an electrician’s shop from morning to evening and then as a waiter at a hotel till m...

4    13.2K 615

Have You?

Classics Thriller Tragedy

Crumpled bedsheet, Half stubbed cigarette, Wet towel tossed at the edge of the bed

1    13.5K 609


Inspirational Others Comedy

From taking care of her siblings, trying to be the perfect daughter, To taking care of her husband a...

1    27.9K 540

Funny Tedious Love

Drama Classics Romance

'It's too much responsibility and work! How would you manage it single handed?'

1    14.3K 740


Fantasy Classics Romance

Lost in his thoughts, he mixed the rice and dal to make a well, a tiny hand caressed his face as his...

4    27.2K 679