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Jisha Rajesh   AUTHOR OF THE YEAR NOMINEE - 2018 & 2019

Hi...I'm a doctor by profession and a writer by passion. I have been writing short stories since my school days. My stories had won several awards in the University and State level Arts Festivals. Apart from StoryMirror, my short stories had been published in various reputed magazines like Muse India, Indus Woman writing, Contemporary Literary Review of India and Indian Ruminations. I had self-published some novellas also. The ability to write is one of the most precious blessings for me. It's a special power that enables a writer to live many lives in a limited period of a single lifetime. My other hobbies are singing, cooking and movies. I live in Dubai with my family. read more

  Literary Brigadier


Drama Others

A month after my marriage, I went out on a trip to Mahabaleshwar with my husband and his friends.

2    118 4

Epitome Of Love


A couple of centuries ago, there was a young and handsome man by the name, Nishant. He

4    8 1

The Secret Admirer

Drama Inspirational

Those words healed my bruised soul and gave me a new ray of hope

2    274 17

The Old Villa

Children Stories Drama Horror

Aniket wants to build a luxury hotel by selling his ancestral house

2    196 50

A Lamp of Hope

Children Stories Drama Inspirational

The air in our house smelled of mouth-watering delicacies.

2    218 36

A Surgeon's Knife

Drama Others

I waited with bated breath as the doctor leisurely analyzed my scan reports

4    194 30

The World of Knowledge

Children Stories Drama

Every morning, I used to wave an enthusiastic goodbye to the kids from the neighborhood as I watched...

3    205 33

The Noble Profession

Children Stories Drama Others

My life had changed completely since I had joined the noble profession of teaching.

2    64 3

The Egg Pizza

Children Stories Comedy Drama

The reason behind my misery was my poor culinary skills. I had no idea what to cook and how to cook?

3    172 18

Me And The Little One

Children Stories Comedy Drama

It was a busy Monday morning and I was in a hurry to reach my office.

3    337 19

In Loving Memory

Tragedy Inspirational

I had lost my partner-in-crime, the moment my first creative piece won the competition

4    301 37

The Right Choice

Children Stories Drama Inspirational

One should be happy and contented with what one h

2    33 2

My Way


The story shows the writer being content with his life.

2    18 2

Are We Human?


she turned towards the kitchen without a words

3    258 48

Little Words of Love


Basu hissed his vengence out in the form of a furious sigh.

2    176 4

An Arranged Marriage

Drama Romance

I had never understood the concept of an arranged marriage till it happened to me.

3    352 24

Who Was She?

Horror Thriller

"Who are you?" Shastri shivered and tried to

7    202 17

A Forgotten Affair


As Anshu was about to go to bed again, something caught his eyes and his heart raced vi

5    22 2

The Story Spirit

Drama Crime Thriller

Aryan uncovers the truth about who murdered Vivek and his son, chirag

7    220 13

A Passionate Crime

Drama Crime Thriller

He threw quizzical glances at both the doctors and chuckled as he watched them turn pale.

7    68 3


Children Stories Drama Classics

The Goddess was pleased with his devotion and rewarded him with the pious ‘Abhyedyamani'. a gem sai...

5    187 16

A Wail from the Grave

Drama Crime Thriller

Amaya woke up screaming to find herself safely lying on her bed.

5    210 43

A Night To Remember


The next morning, I woke up early. I made a cup of coffee and went out into the courtya

6    271 4

Together Forever

Abstract Romance

She knew if she runs away from her house she will never be able to return. Her parents

3    20 1

Just Kidding

Drama Others

I'm writing this letter just to say that after all these years, I miss you

2    301 30


Drama Tragedy

Tejas and Kahina started meeting each other every night in the jungle.

7    349 14

To Be In Her Shoes


We were best friends since childhood. During those days, we were equals in everything

3    361 48

The Nuptial Knot


Their friendship bloomed into love as years passed by.

2    226 40

More Than Words To Say


I saw her for the first time among the crowd gathered in the lift of our building.

4    286 47

Fear - The Demon

Children Stories Drama

Learn to reign over your inner demons especially your fears and insecurities.

3    195 23

Words Unsaid


Even though, the couple was standing next to each other, they knew that they were miles apart from e...

5    362 45

The Hurdle

Drama Inspirational

As the pale-hued liquid escaped out of the bottle, Sahil felt like he has achieved salvation.

3    52 4

Happy Or Married?


I really don't understand what exactly do people mean when they say they are "happily married."

5    278 10

The Last Holiday

Horror Tragedy

The story speaks about a horror holiday travel experience.

6    113 8

Thicker Than Blood


Shyamlal sees the true son in Mohan, an orphan whom he loved like a son

4    332 16

Winner Of The Way

Drama Inspirational Tragedy

It was almost a fortnight since the accident. Ajay was paralyzed below the waist

7    313 39

The Wind Beneath Our Wings


Both the ladies looked at Adya as a new ray of hope touched their soul. Her words motivated them and...

8    312 21

The Penance

Drama Tragedy

Helost his father when he was 12 years old. His father was a peon and the family hardly made both en...

8    348 19

It's Love That Matters


She felt as if a burden was lifted from her soul when she realized that it was only love that matter...

7    341 33


Horror Drama

Three friends try to fool their strict hostel warden by tricking him about spirits. Does it really e...

5    324 51

Craving For A Life

Thriller Drama

Sonia was jolted up from a deep slumber by some sound....

7    369 50

In Your Heart

Abstract Tragedy

The story shows that a friend meets with an accident on the way to meet another friend and saves his...

3    170 7

The Writer Of Destiny

Tragedy Drama

With a stroke of luck and a lottery ticket, Chandu becomes a business tycoon in a big city and feels...

3    187 1

The Proposal


Chetan is in love with Nitara but proposes to Naina - why? That was the only way he could make Nitar...

2    272 4

And It Rained Again


She closed her eyes and tears drenched her face. It started raining again as the three friends wept ...

4    370 12

Mother Earth

Drama Others

Little did he know, that it was only the beginning of the destruction of his village

2    180 5

A Horrendous Sin

Drama Tragedy

The girl vanished behind a cloud of smoke. Chopra slowly raised his shivering hands to his eyes. His...

4    355 6

The Haunted Orchid Villa

Drama Horror Thriller

She lit the fire and came to sit opposite to me. I noticed that water was dribbling down her hair...

5    266 8

Together We Can Reach The Sky


The story shows together we can reach the sky

2    141 4

Vicious Circle of Desires


I remember the time when I was a toddler. I used to crawl out of my mother's lap and look at the old...

3    185 5

Eternal Love


The story is about eternal love.

3    151 2

Varuni Villa Part --4


Rohit’s eyes ran through the garden like that of a madman’s.

2    225 6

Varuni Villa Part -3

Drama Thriller

The next morning Pawar and his men fished a skeleton out of the well. Rohit was standing with his ba...

3    412 10

The Mask


A male can just throw away his infertile wife and marry again. But a female has to bear with it...

3    360 23

Varuni Villa Part - 2

Crime Horror Thriller

“They were so madly in love with each other. I still could not convince myself that...

4    343 25

Varuni Villa Part -1

Crime Horror Thriller

Almost suddenly, as he opened his eyes, a girl clad in a saree appeared in front of his eyes. She wa...

4    434 33



This story is about a couple where a wife assumes the husband to have an affair with his secretary, ...

6    189 5

Nurtured By Love


An amazing story of a boy and a girl who belonged to two different communities, but were the followe...

5    345 6

It's A Miracle

Classics Inspirational

“He is out of danger now. And you know what Sanju, both the families are planning an outing together...

6    302 27

Bond Of A Lifetime


To impress his future in-laws, Aarav had dressed himself smartly and fixed a polite smile on his fac...

3    354 53

Beauty Is Not Skin Deep


"in order to win the heart of a girl who owns a beautiful soul."

5    427 44

The Invincible


You can meet her but as I had said she may not recognize you...

7    77 4

Devi's Wrath

Children Inspirational

He ran to the temple and looked at the idol. Devi was still smiling at him and affection still flowe...

2    865 23

Be Like Her


Jamuna thumped herself down on the porch of her ancestral home. ..

5    610 87

A Daughter All Her Life


He shed tears of repentance for taking too long to realize that only a daughter could be a daughter ...

3    914 67

From Her Grave

Drama Tragedy

A reunion of friends, one of whom was considered to be dead in a train accident

4    1.8K 81

My New Year Resolution

Drama Tragedy

Mom was shocked to see me as I returned home a day prior to the New Year's Eve party.

6    1.2K 59

My Santa Claus


"Yes I do," the girl said with a pretty smile, "she is my Santa Claus as she has gifted me with a ne...

4    2.3K 78

Believe It Or Not


Her voice was as sweet and charming as her looks. I was being drawn to her beauty and liveliness wit...

5    3.2K 64

A Night With A Stranger

Comedy Drama

It was nearly midnight when I stepped on the platform of the desolate railway station of Panchalpur.

5    8.7K 156

Then Life Happened


Vivek was jolted out of sleep by an early morning call on his mobile. He must have ignored if it was...

4    5.1K 131

The Surrogates


"I am not married." The girl said with a pretty smile. "What!" Shweta was baffled, "then how...!"

3    12.1K 80

In My Dreams


It all started on the day when one fine evening, Dad announced that he was about to be transferred t...

3    8.0K 114

Forget Me Not

Story of love, its immortality and recognition even when in coma

2    16.4K 125

A Guilty Soul

Drama Others

I toiled myself at a place where I was replaceable while ignoring the family who could never replace...

4    8.6K 156

The Terrorists


Dev assumes presence of terrorist in village but turns out that the people were from a drama troupe....

5    1.7K 90

The Most Precious One

Children Inspirational

Varun was in dilemma as he had lots of answers but none seemed to answer his father's query with abs...

3    8.2K 98

You Reap What You Sow

Drama Tragedy

"You were right Nandu," Chandu said sobbing on his shoulder, "today I have reaped what I have been s...

5    8.5K 147

The Three Vows


She sprang to her feet, packed her bags to reach home as early as possible, stuffing her three vows ...

5    16.6K 137

Someone Like You

Drama Tragedy

A bright smile lit up Sandra's face as she tore open the packet gifted by her boyfriend Freddy.

3    16.6K 112

So Close Yet So Far


A grandmother dies of heart attack because she did not get attention at the right time; everyone was...

3    16.6K 104

The Cafe

Drama Tragedy

'How could I let her go back alone in the dark through all those desolate streets,' he thought as he...

3    8.4K 168

The Story


Aditi slapped her head as the thought never crossed her mind...

4    1.8K 91

Friend Indeed


In the evenings, my Dad used to take me to a nearby tea - stall...

4    15.8K 101


Children Inspirational

He is defending our nation at the border. If he backs out from his post of duty, our nation will per...

2    8.7K 105

The Mind Game

Drama Thriller

“Do you know such dolls are used by people who practice Voodoo? May be….somebody is conspiring to ha...

5    17.1K 180

The Shadows

Children Comedy Thriller

On either sides of the back door I spotted two dark shadows that resembled human form in appearance.

4    8.8K 108

Truth Or Myth


a very good story of dream/ nightmare coming true, nice detailing of aspects

4    8.9K 207

Baked With Love

Comedy Romance

She was completely unaware of the turbulence of emotions that her presence used to create inside me.

4    17.3K 201

The Forbidden Book 2


Prepare yourself to move on with the flow of time

7    9.4K 210

The Forbidden Book - 1

Horror Thriller

"There are some hymns in the book that can beckon spirits."

4    9.7K 253

Poison Of Love


A story about two elderly gentlemen out to discover the effects of the poison of love..

7    18.2K 269

The Mysterious Bungalow - 2

Crime Thriller

A cold sweat ran down her face as she realised that she can't be sure of anything. She stood in fron...

6    10.5K 245

The Mysterious Bungalow - 1


Story of Sanjana, who bought an old bungalow at the suburbs of Shimla..

6    20.0K 331

On A Rainy Day


Story of a rainy day, when the author was pleasantly surprised by the arrival of an old friend..

3    10.3K 293

Her Birthday


Her spell made me break out of my cocoon and I took a firm decision to open my heart to her before o...

4    20.7K 251

Even Death Cant Do Us Part


Story of two friends who wowed to make music together...

3    10.4K 279

Last Hour Part - 4

Drama Romance

Sometimes it is difficult to say whether it’s a sunset or a new sunrise...

5    19.5K 181

Last Hour (Part - 3)


But that’s called true love. When you truly love someone, you don’t expect anything in return….not e...

4    10.4K 218

Last Hour - Part 2


A story about an old, unfulfilled love and memories attached to it..

3    19.1K 212

Last Hour

Children Inspirational

The importance we attach to the monetary value of things. For some, its huge while for others, just ...

5    10.1K 246

The Concept of Ardhanareeswara


The story of a wife making her husband's dreams come true..

5    10.3K 234

Niche In A Metro


A story of discovering kindness and brotherhood in an alien environment..

7    21.3K 218

Unity Among Diversity


Our country is blessed with such rich cultural diversity that no other nation in the world has....

6    10.2K 302

The Joy of Giving


A story of empathy and compassion for a less privileged friend..

3    10.7K 241

My Life My Way


A story about a girl who chose her marriage and her husband over her career.

4    10.5K 194

The Rival Sibling


But the thing about her daughters that had touched Uma's heart was the boundless love that the sibli...

4    19.8K 174

The Barbarian


Are barbarians from jungle, or real barbarians live in the cities..?

5    21.0K 241

सुख और सुविधाएँ


गाँव के उस विशाल-काय बरगद की छाँव नमन को बहुत याद आती है।

2    333 48

घर की राह


आशा ने हँसते हुए विकास को गले से लगा लिया।

3    224 44

शक्ति और अधिकार


उसके पास सारे अधिकार ज़रूर है परन्तु कुछ भी करने की शक्ति नहीं।

2    116 7



उसने प्रण लिया कि वह अपने और जया के प्रेम को सदैव इन हत्यारों से दूर रखेगा।

2    212 24

पैसा और प्यार

Children Stories

नीता अपने पति से नाराज़ थी। उसके पति अमर ने रविवार को उसे एवं उनके बच्चों को पिकनिक ले

2    366 17


Children Stories

तिवारी जी 35 वर्षों से केंद्रीय विद्यालय में पढ़ाते थे। एक वर्ष पूर्व ही वे प्राधानाचार

2    372 8

अंधा प्यार


उस दिन मुझे यह अहसास हुआ कि मुझे मेरा सोलमेट मिल गया।

2    395 21



किन्तु वह जानती थी यह अनिवार्य था जीवन में आगे बढ़ने के लिए।

2    112 6

मेरा जीवन बहती धारा


मेरा जीवन अभिशापित हो गया।

2    65 3



मोह मे अंधा बन उसकी हर इच्छा पूरी करना ऐसा ही था जैसे कहना आ बैल मुझे मार !

1    342 55


Action Inspirational

'फिल्मो में अभिनय करने वाले एक्टर को एवोर्ड मिलता है, पर बोर्डर पर मुसीबतों के बिच में रहेने वाले फ...

3    14.0K 46



एक पथ - प्रदर्शक की कहानी...।

3    14.1K 46



मैं अपने अपराधों के लिए तुम से क्षमा याचना करने की इच्छा से ही आज तक जीवित हूँ। तुम और रत्ना मुझे यद...

7    7.8K 42



वह उठा और उसने अपने आप को दर्पण मे देखा। पर उसे उस दर्पण में एक कलेक्टर नहीं बल्कि एक हत्यारा नज़र आ...

5    22.9K 69