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Avishi Singh

Hi! I am Avishi Singh. I am a student in 10th grade. Some of my hobbies include swimming, reading, and writing. I usually write fiction, specifically fantasy and realistic fiction. Please like and rate my stories. I would also appreciate it if you leave constructive criticism to help me better my writing skills. You may also follow me so that you can get updates for all of my submissions. read more

  Literary Colonel

New Cupcakes And New Love

Drama Romance

Today is a big day. Today, I am going to try out to become the head chef for a new restaurant that o...

7    785 28

The Mission That Went South


I walked back into the kitchen and hugged both of the little girls close. I’m so glad they saw past ...

13    1.8K 39

Weighed Down


Sadness can feel like rain. Soaking and dragging one down.

10    584 11

Making It Work


I emerged from the car in jeans and a hoodie with no makeup or jewelry other than a necklace that wa...

6    347 12

Growing Into An Oak Tree


Pulling his sleeves up to his elbows, Jaxon grabbed his charcoal pencil and started to draw Hope....

13    315 9

Ending Up At A Nursing Home


It was graduation day. Ryan stood there decked out in a graduation gown and cap. He searched the cro...

5    441 7

Which Comes First?


I grinned at my brother. Together we yelled, “Happy anniversary Mom and Dad!” Mom shot Dad a smi...

7    415 10

Whose Dream To Follow?


Nevertheless, Aaron was going to play. His world may be divided but he would be himself no matter wh...

3    511 48

From Gang To Craft Store

Drama Action

A man working for a gang wanted to start something new.

4    718 94

Haunting Of The Mental Asylum


The story shows the haunting of Mental asylum.

8    318 8

Doing The Right Thing


Raphael drove the bike, lost in his thoughts, and before he could refocus, it skidded through a mudd...

7    374 45

Shooting Your Shot


Roy had tried out at 16 different auditions by now. Each time, he narrowly lost the role...

2    396 90

The Unfinished Game

Abstract Action Classics

The best king this kingdom has ever had the pleasure of having. Make sure that you keep our legacy a...

5    1.6K 119

Swept Away

Children Stories

Rajah and his friends were playing on the banks of a river when a strong wave caused them to slip. T...

3    323 9

The Time Machine

Drama Fantasy

Remy was running from his younger brother as they played “Catch” in the hallways of their family man...

2    446 89

Kermit the Frog


Kermit had had a really tough day. He for sure failed his exam.

2    803 94

Saving The World

Children Stories Drama

This time when she opened her eyes, she was surrounded by light. She cradled the world in her hands.

2    1.4K 135

The Demon's Gateway


Azrael knelt at the edge of the village and stared at her blackened hands. The blood of more than a ...

8    1.2K 94

Running Away

Children Stories Drama

Surrounded with his mothers arms, he realized that maybe life was hard but maybe he could be harder.

2    1.3K 122

The Painting On The Wall

Drama Inspirational

Alex had grown up looking at a painting on the side of an abandoned building in town.

2    652 89

A Mother's Love


Walking out to the wire fence confidently, Ally locked a heart-shaped lock onto the fence. The word ...

12    1.3K 97

My High School Dance Showcase


Our world was quite pretty but people looking must see it the same way.

2    1.3K 77