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Nandita Kochar

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The Sinner


Hours later Nina woke up in a dingy cottage

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Ghosts Of Her Past - Part -6


“What does that mean?” Ashna asked innocently as he bent upon her.

4    81 4

Ghosts Of Her Past Part - 6


Ashna lay down on her bed with blood-shot, swollen eyes. Her thoughts drifted back to the idyllic da...

6    755 101

Ghosts Of Her Past Part - 5


“I am leaving this place,” she said as she packed her bags, “And I am leaving you.”

5    983 91

Ghosts Of Her Past Part - 4

Drama Romance

She pulled out her mobile phone and hurriedly punched her cousin sister Kavita’s number.

4    978 88

Ghosts Of Her Past - Part 3


Ashna glanced at the clock hung on the wall opposite to her dresser. It was already 6 p.m.

6    1.4K 78

Ghosts Of Her Past - Part -2

Crime Drama

He winked at her as he turned to push open the door of his cabin...

7    1.8K 80

Ghosts Of Her Past - Part 1

Drama Tragedy

The desperate screams of a 16- year- old girl, clad in school uniform echoed in the dead silence of ...

5    5.5K 73

Happy Halloween


It was the night of Halloween - the night when all the devils of the hell are loose on earth.

2    8.1K 115

His Revenge


It was Tanvi's 18th birthday tomorrow. She was busy purchasing things she needed for the party tomor...

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Captive Romance Part 2

Drama Romance

As he was cutting her ropes Esha came upon with a plan that can makes her free from his captivity.

3    8.4K 54

Captive Romance Part 1

Drama Romance

As he felt her slip into his arms, he removed the cloth from her face. He finally looked at the ravi...

4    16.4K 141

The Traitor


Diya, the daughter of a soldier, is captivated by a traitor, who starts a blackmail..

7    18.2K 253