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Prince Kumawat 

Hi! I'm a reader and a Writer at Storymirror

Life- Mixture of Good and Bad


This story tells us that life is lived thoroughly by cherishing the good moments and learning from the bad ones.

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The Regret


He used to talk us in every 7 days, He was among those who cares for my mom very much...

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Those Magical Tears


A lover remembers his love and sheds tears...

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True Friend Exists Or Not


A story about how people change and it's ever so difficult to get a true friend.

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असफलता का मानदंड

Drama Inspirational

असफलता क्या है ?

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इतना प्यार नहीं करते


आवाज़ जो कि बहुत धीरे निकल रही थी, आँखों से लगातार गिरते अश्रुओं ने, जैसे आवाज़ को समेट लिया हो....

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