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Begging Hands


Having the right to eat, to stay They hold their hand every day,

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To Teacher

Children Stories Others

While walking on dusty land Failed to see my way home, You cleared the path for me Until all the dust is gone.

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The Woman


In all greatest creation The woman comes to the top Like our life's best prize Every man must fight a lot

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Forever Companion


In the sun or the starts Whenever I needed you to relief my pain Whenever I called you as my friend You had come to me besides any claim

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Yet you treat me like an orphan You Blame me for your weakness, But It is me, who keeps you alive I am your emotions which you despise.

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Happy Birthday

Children Stories

This poem is a greeting to a friend on a birthday.

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Good Morning


This poem shows that every day is a new beginning and a new ray of hope.

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Unhappy Easter

Abstract Tragedy

This story shows the pain of Jesus Christ and explains that all his pain is a vain as we could not learn from him.

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Abstract Drama Tragedy

Hovering all over empty places, more darker and colder than space.

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Piles Of Memories

Romance Tragedy

Prickles of your memory kills me inside But I am still breathing like a cactus.

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The Repentance

Abstract Drama

Now repenting for those sins, To have blessings the heavenly King.

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The Rhythm Behind Rain


Let the Red sky to break down Let the rain rejoin with her crown.

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A Lie

Abstract Drama Tragedy

With you I was only a wicked lie A burning sun in the night sky.

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