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Viraja Verlekar

I'm Dr. Viraja S. Verlekar. I'm a consultant Homoeopath practising at my Healing Touch clinic at Mapusa, Goa. I am also a columnist at daily newspaper n a magazine.. I also write( health related )articles, poems n quotes.. My email I'd: virajasv@gmail.com read more

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I'm Here For You


Just wanna let you know, I'm always here, To give you a listening ear.. It's time to make a...

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It Wasn't A Full stop..


Rainbow appeared in its beautiful glory.. Frogs croaking, Birds chirping, And children singing...

1    320 3

Bite Of Childhood


Life explained, Live the moment, Cherish your memories of the past...

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Fire Flies


It lives me spellbound, To see how you overcome, The darkest nights with; Your tiny lights....

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Think Positive

Children Stories Inspirational Others

Deep inside the pillow, I burrow.. Pondering over thoughts of past, Always bring sorrow...

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I Bestow All My Happiness On You


You are my strength, My compassion, You conquer all my blues; For I bestow all my smiles on...

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You And I

Drama Romance

You entered my life, Like the fragrance of beautiful flowers in the air.

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