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Ankita Masih

I write, sometimes.

  Literary Colonel

I Wish I Could Forget You

Romance Drama

I really wish I could forget you. I hate you for hurting me

3    261 3

Renew Again


The rain doesn't discriminate, Either you be a proclaimed saint or one of hate.

1    47 4

Let It Be

Let’s us not cross paths again The cause behind the anger, behind the rage clouded eyes. Behin...

2    18 1

I Wish I Could Save You


I wish I could save you From becoming a lie That has every truth Buried Inside. I wish I...

1    27 0

Chasing Victory


If time allows me So I let go I finally let go I don't belong to victory

2    24 0

Extinct Humanity


Do you think I could not achieve philosophy? I know more about the world you would ever hope to s...

2    45 0

Piece In Your Chess


Like the piece in your chess, I submitted to you.

1    26 0

Living Forever


Isn't it beautiful you can see me, Yet I am not present, So beautiful, so majestic, Words!...

2    52 1

A Child With A Child

Drama Tragedy

It is such a tragedy, how people view sin as a necessity. Brainwashed and cruel, they do not kno...

3    43 0

In a cradle of love

Children Stories Drama

I am scared mama, I am new at this, I was just born I don't know how to fit.

2    44 0

Make this last.

Children Stories

My friend, My brother. We come from so much trust and thunder.

1    105 2

Someone help!

Abstract Tragedy

The poem is an ask for help.

2    98 0

Changes We Make


So we create a different world, We create a different self.

1    62 1

Grim And Smoke


Give me hope, Then leave me alone, Story of my life. I don't know where to go.

2    38 0

The Stages Of Life.

Abstract Drama

The poet talks about the stages of life.

3    67 1

My Sky

Abstract Inspirational

It's about freedom and achieving your goal

2    69 1

The edge of respite.

Abstract Tragedy

The poem is about a story of a relationship, that had gone sour and had turned abusive, but the pers...

2    24 0

A Home

Abstract Drama Others

A home is a place where we live happily, forgetting the pain of the world.

2    39 0

There Are Monsters.

Abstract Inspirational Comedy

How many of you have ignored abuse, wrongdoing and hate all around you? How many of you have not hav...

4    7.3K 4