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Krishna Ahir

I am an aspiring writer, currently working on poems and short stories and trying to get my thriller/suspense manuscript completed. https://www.facebook.com/krishna.ahir https://www.instagram.com/author.krishna/ read more

  Literary Colonel

Shadows In Snow


While it snows The sky as grey as eyes There is a darkness upon the ground

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He told me there's a life of everything, somewhere Else; one that isn't made of feathers or concret...

1    251 44



I imagine his mouth; the ghosts under his tongue Slide through the cracks of his teeth

1    21 1

Fall For Me


You say, thy would write me love songs, You say, thy would sing me sonnets...

1    266 42

Last Night


Salvation, perfectly. Release my sins, please be true.

1    258 36

Warm Whiskey


Let whiskey warm our heart, Logs crackle in the hearth...

1    129 8

Silent Dawn


Delicately as a shifting breeze, Her evanescence sanctifies the silent dawn...

1    293 37

Warm Whiskey


The poem shows a toast with whiskey.

1    22 1

Windows To The Soul

Inspirational Drama

Don't try and stand in my way. I'll shove you down.

2    224 18

Broken Souls


To let go and be free…. No armor…no walls… Bare to the bone…. What place do broken s

1    4 0

Red Lipped Mink

Drama Abstract

She walks in the shadows of the night Her blood-red lips tantalize her victims

1    289 48

Sinful Religion

Drama Others

We are all but microbes on a grain of sand Spinning on an endless beach eternally Evolve then ...

1    303 2

World Cup


The people will be worried about the world cup rather than small issues

1    16 1



Falsehood will never be sustained, the truth shall prevail, True lessons of discovery and life, w...

1    54 1


Drama Fantasy

Sadness was Grief’s savior Rage couldn’t make it work Anger was just too angry Despite Sadn...

1    110 4

My Savior


Hitting each beat Each note Lost in a flurry Of musical notes and marks And resting on a...

1    197 1



But now I find this dreamland hopelessly barren. Charred and diseased beyond identification.

2    113 3

The Tree


And “The tree” Stands unintentionally in the shadows A gentle reminder of Who, What and How...

1    381 4

Old Abode


I sit tolerantly As you stare. You observe me, Staring at my imperfections.

1    43 1


Abstract Drama Tragedy

Will the valley of the shadows take me Or am I really still breathing? Are you screaming in my...

1    188 3

Unspoken Laws Of Politics


A satirical expression of politicians and elections in present days

1    50 0

I See You


It is about being yourself no matter what others say and not to be insecure

1    23 0



This poem is about a ghost wandering with full freedom and peace

1    44 1

Goodbye Brave Soldier

Drama Tragedy

So goodbye, brave soldier, Take your leave, see your family, Get some rest, and take your p...

2    8 0



Times when the moon is dim And the darkness Weaves a black shroud, When the sun rises ...

1    86 0



The world is our asylum and We are all inmates

1    235 3

Angel Of Death


The strange singer is drawing near, her voice high and sharp… The shadows close in around me, ...

2    28 0



here will come a time when a golden opportunity will come And you will have to shut down the voic...

1    57 4

The Portrait

Fantasy Romance

Girls wish to paint her lover.

1    302 4

What Have We Done?


Dear mother, are you starting to feel well? We wish you were free of the pain we gave you, Can...

2    27 0

A Game


My heart tires of being A chess piece. Constantly moving and never to cease. For all I want...

1    25 1

The Way Time Just Slips

Abstract Children Stories

The poem shows The Way Time Just Slips

1    72 3

My Mother


Colors... Mother you taught me so many shades protected me from what the world made Mother ...

1    408 10

The Lullaby

Children Stories Fantasy

Whether it is about magic, Or wishing wells, A mother and Child, Two people who need eac...

2    105 4

Sweet Childhood


Revived memories, hot evenings So many moons closed in the book Not opened since the time...

1    44 2

Lessons Learnt From Animals

Abstract Inspirational

This poem is about the value of animals and what they teach us in life

1    273 39

Love of Alcohol

Drama Others

Hear the clash of bottles Pour another glass Watching my whole world smash Yeah, you like i...

2    30 0

Visitors from another World


With a trillion things to teach us so many thoughts to improve looks like they're going aw...

1    55 1

Autumn Romance


The evening cool rolls across the lawns, Lack of motion-- not a sound. A field of pumpkins lay...

1    229 3

Hell's Hands


Hell's hands killed our dreams, Hell’s hands will take your mind, heart...

1    206 45

Ice & Fire Dance


Waging love on the battlefield of the sun and moon

1    62 1

Reaching Out


Do not look forward; the future is strange… Like me you are cast down and can never atone!

2    60 2

The Reach


I don’t want to be fixed, But want to be gathered around, In someone’s caring hands.

1    27 0

Journey Called Life


This poem shows that life is a journey we should embrace.

1    119 6

Early Mornings


Chores of early morning are my favourite, a cup of tea with biscui

1    63 4



As the orchestra of the heavens Plays the music of my soul The stars aligning themselves ...

1    81 4



When you prefer to stay alone when you its worse.

1    45 0

She is...


This poem is about two different people completing each other. One is the darkness and the other is ...

2    94 5

Sadness Is

Abstract Others

Sadness at first does seem so harmless, All the better to disarm us...

1    55 2

Dying Again

Drama Tragedy

And I know one day he will come and take me away...

2    98 6

Will It Be Enough?

Drama Tragedy

You sit alone in the dark with your head in your hands Its almost like you trying to keep it from f...

2    394 56



The return to a new day awaits me, and a thousand more Miles beneath my feet before this life is dr...

1    254 52

Lost Dreams


I lay back and hear the stream Then sink into a lost man's dream

1    307 33

The Lost Moors


A flicker of hope in an endless abyss, There shines a light to lead you home.

2    382 14