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Tanjula Raina

Hey guys! I'm pretty new at story mirror and at writing. But one thing that i know for sure is that I love writing. Being an writer and an engineering student is quite difficult. So I won't be able to post stories regularly. But let me tell you that I will be soon back in a short while with characters you will fall in love with. You won't be able to resist them. Meanwhile, do read some of my poems. I'm not a poet. This is a small try to improve it. read more

  Literary Captain

My Dear Teddy - II

Drama Tragedy

How could you?!?! How could you break our promise of eternity?!?!

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My Dear Teddy - I


The one never judging me, Only one who believed me....

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A World Of Child's Dream


With time we forget all this, But an empty space is residing within ....

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Demon Lord


Hope to never lose, A hope to defeat you...

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For there will be a brighter tomorrow For the heart of gold and flames Never losing hope and k...

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A Depressed Teen - Go Fly


This poem inspires a teen to go and fly like birds to achieve what they want.

1    186 1


Abstract Tragedy

The poem shows the pain of betrayal.

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Emotions like a Tart


Betrayal of a lover felt like the taste of a tart. He worked hard to make her happy but she left him...

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Long Lost Love - I

Others Romance

This is a poem depicting the story of a girl’s teenage love, after 10 years, he wants her back.

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Life Of An Author

Drama Inspirational

Away from those ignorant eyes and stone hearts.

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Exam Time

Children Drama

This poem is about the importance of books and how crucial it is to study before exams to reduce ten...

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