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Amitav Ganguly

Mr. Amitav Ganguly is a senior corporate Law professional in India with more than three decades of rich experience in legal affairs, management, and corporate governance. A resident of New Delhi, India, he has also penned innumerable articles in corporate laws which have been published in eminent journals. He is pursuing a career in writing books and articles on corporate laws, which has always been his passion. His writings are in his website: -companysecretarysupport.webs.com. Besides he has a keen interest in Indian & world literature and having widely read such writings over decades, is now carrying out his passion for writing short stories. Till now he has written and published more than fifty such stories with a large readership. His latest book -TWELVE PARANORMAL TALES-has been very well received and available in Amazon, Flipkart and notion press websites. The e-book is also available in amazon kindle, Kobo, iBook, & google play. read more

  Literary Brigadier

Phantasm Sighting

Drama Horror

This mansion had a long history of being haunted! Stories abounded; it was difficult to understand w...

5    9 0

Unexplained Justice


Bhushan was in his house; dinner was over, and he was feeling cosy in his bedroom- warmed by the oil...

7    630 61

Borderless Female

Drama Horror Romance

Although I was dead, I was very much present in this physical world. The apparent difference was tha...

11    417 25

Unknown Love


This had no logical or possible answer, this was from another world! The mystery of the world remain...

5    629 60

"Madly" In Love

Crime Drama

Somehow his sixth sense was then telling him that he could be in danger; he should escape from this ...

16    870 60

"Madly" In Love

Crime Drama

Somehow his sixth sense was then telling him that he could be in danger; he should escape from this ...

16    1.0K 89

Murdered But Not Dead?

Action Thriller

Vijayendra was impressed by the Inspector’s brilliant piece of investigation.

20    1.2K 80



Mobile plays a part in diversion of murder and how that was detected by the crime solving Inspector...

18    3.7K 72

Dear Motivation


Her love & her father's inspiration changed his broken world.

12    16.3K 52

Her Rebirth


An interesting story of a girl who is blessed with two hearts.

9    16.9K 102

Mysterious Happenings

Fantasy Horror

Was the soul of my father here, as well? Did my father love Sheila's mother as much or was there any...

19    17.4K 153

কে প্রেমিকা?

Drama Romance

কাকলির রূপ, কলেজের বহু চর্চিত ব্যাপার!

10    1.3K 27

বিশ্বাস করা যায় না


জীবনের অন্য দিক থেকে এসে মেয়েটি ন্যায় পেল কি ?

8    1.4K 66

গুপ্তঘাতকের হত্যা

Action Crime Thriller

প্রায় ভোর চারটে থেকে সে একটা ছোট বাড়ির অপ্রশস্ত ও ন্যাড়া ছাতে উপর বসে l

8    1.8K 75

কেমন ভাবে হলো?

Drama Horror

যখন শ্যামলী পুরো ঘটনা টা খুলে বললো তখন দুজনে চিন্তায় পড়লো!

8    2.0K 83

অলৌকিক প্রশ্নের উত্তর

Horror Tragedy

মেয়েটা সুসাইড করবার চেষ্টা করছে! কিন্তু কেন?

4    2.1K 93