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Rashi Goel

Dr. Rashi Goel PT, a Hand Therapist (Physiotherapist) who besides loving her profession loves to read, write, travel and capture memories. She has been contributing in various online and offline national and international anthologies and other platforms through her blogs, articles, poems, short stories, etc. read more

  Literary Captain

Voice Of Hearts


This poem is about a beautiful journey of a couple from childhood to old age and one of them sufferi...

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Village Town

Others Drama Abstract

Festivals, celebrations, on the go forever, Wishing on phone and we call its cordial, Wish to ...

1    161 49

Friendship Again


Hands emerge once more to bring back those childhood buddies and pluck those scented flowers of my l...

1    153 3

Need Of The Hour

Others Drama

Why so customary to tie a knot? Ambitious, successful single why not?

1    261 3

Awaited Peace

Others Drama

Sitting beside the seashore waves hovering, Watching the penurious play tipcat, No reminders, ...

1    305 3

Vote Of Thanks


Whom to thank first seems like running on ice as I turn fifty today...

2    9 3

Go With The Flow


Caught in a hurricane of emotions, losing track of time Got everything except my heart and my sou...

1    243 5

My Irreplaceable Sorrow

Drama Tragedy

My loss of a twin newborn, nobody can borrow, Let me mourn a little more, my irreplaceable sorrow...

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Third for bicycle, environment for five, Yoga and music twenty-first thrive....

1    179 4

Left For You


I have left all my achievements for you, For you, I have left all my published, unpublished words...

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How Did I Feel?


You were like a soothing winter breeze amongst those November rain. Your hands always joined with...

1    181 4

Dad, World To Me

Children Stories Drama

An ode to dads and their sacrifices

1    219 2

Seasons Haiku


Daylight dim, cool winds Summer awaits patiently Autumn fall season

1    232 3

Serene Sleep


The clock continues to tickle and vibrate Slow and steady my mom tried to wake me up

1    264 1

Pluviophile Memoirs


Longing those picturesque landscape to capture, Those memoirs cause my tears to rupture, Wish ...

1    194 6

Spring - Acrostic Style Micropoem


Spring blossoms new life new beginnings, Pack woolens to join sunny awakenings,

1    54 3

I Miss You


I just can't wait to see you. Memories of our love and shine glances, The sweet smiles the co...

1    140 11

My Tree House


Open my window breathe wind so pious, Rain dew drops feel nostalgic muddy smell, Our sole attr...

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Holidays, vacation, planning, outing makes all fun, When all make merry, who cares for who's witt...

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Poetry As Poetry


Shortest being a two-liner couplet, Enumerate to fourteen and rhyme a sonnet,

1    77 3

Thank You, Maa


From physical appearance to the abundant intellect you have bestowed, I owe my life to you and y...

1    9 2

My Tom And Jerry

Drama Others

Share care give take laugh and cry Siblings love nothing compared

1    180 4

Spring Haiku


Sunshine play hide 'n' seek A torrential, bright rain starts Rainbow fills with joy

1    80 5

VIBGYOR of life


Rainbow of life

1    225 5

My First Love


Said unsaid I never realised what my true love was, Until my one year old mumbled 'Mumma' yesterday...

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