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Harnoor Kaur

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Dream Come True


I was speechless. I was shocked. It was unexpected but I proved it...

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My birthplace

Children Stories Drama

As told by mom.....I was born in a military hospital.

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Festival memories


It was 31st December 2015, and we left from home to celebrate the last day of our year

2    199 11

Fear Of Losing


I fear to lose my ones!

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First Day Of School

Children Stories Drama

The first day of school is the day when we are in joy and sadness both at the same time

2    192 40

Job Of A Student


In this era, good marks doesn't count. The skill of yours count.

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My favourite food


The story shares food memories.

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Out Of Jealousy

Children Stories Drama Others

I never have been in a state of jealousy. But I was in it some years ago.

1    297 45

Inspired To Write

Children Stories Inspirational

I was not that good at English in the 9th standard. But was a good learner.

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Work Instead Of Beg!


I remember, two years back, when I was with my family and went to a market for shopping

2    21 1

To Live Or To Not.

Abstract Drama Inspirational

make a right choice and talk to someone

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The Horrific Dream


I was one of the passengers travelling to Goa

1    136 36

How I Was Born!


So I was brought in this world with a lot of hardwork.

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When I Knew I Was In Mad Love!


Sometimes life gives you a lot. And then suddenly snatches away.

3    205 31

A Day With My Friends


School friends are the stupidest and heartiest friends in all's life.

2    251 46

The Best Moment Of My Life!


It wasn't like why a girl is born, but everyone was happy of the baby coming to our hom

2    43 2

The Ghost In Dream!


On another day I had a dream. I was off to someplace with my family. I was talking with

2    101 5

A Glimpse Of Serendipity!

Children Stories Drama Inspirational

My grandmother was at Gurudwara and praying for her child

2    193 37

Why “Why" Is Important?

Drama Inspirational

This is a story of a spoiled child, named Arvind Kumar.

4    22 1

Is It Love?


In the era of selfish humans, I never thought of meeting so many selfish people.

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Dear Child

Drama Others

But you know, since you left me, my life has been miserable.

2    216 24

Case Unsolved

Drama Crime

And then suddenly, Ashika screamed loudly and fell on the ground. She was taken to the hospital imme...

3    187 17

New Beginning On It's way!


I will wait for my love ...my true love to find me! It's a new beginning... the beginning of find...

4    262 52

The Key To Success!


The story shows that the key to success is hard work and not losing hope.

4    43 2

The dopehead


He is suffering from drug addiction...But.....he has never consumed drugs in his life!

3    41 2

When Dentist Steals Your Heart

Drama Romance

Love is not measured by money or appearance, it's very deep.

7    23 1

My Psycho Lover, Story Untold

Romance Drama

A crazy lover arranges for his lover's accident and kidnaps her to Goa

9    285 21