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Aarushi Sharma

  Literary Colonel

This Abate Love


The fear of losing you was no longer in my mind, You left me once, you’ll leave again I knew it b...

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Dusk to the Dawn

Drama Romance

I go through the same from the dusk to the dawn, I pick up my phone and then put it down.

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An Ounce of Woe


You can neither face nor you can turn, You have to live and you have to learn.

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Shriek Of the Night


This is just abate, Filled with void, Dulled and faded, You’re destroyed.

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Without Him


Reticent she was, But just for him, totally into him! Atheist she was,

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Winced Through Out

Drama Romance

And then after a century, The air filled the lungs again,

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Reminiscence of those days

Drama Others

I wanted you to let all the pain go away, I never was the one who can make you stay, I never w...

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When we will meet


You’ll see how my dreams were teared, Eyes full of woes and nothing seems to be clear,

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Frozen Mind and Lost beats


And here I m just so incomplete, Frozen mind and lost beats…

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Last time he saw her


The last time he saw her with a black Rose, Her frowning eyebrows, With her red turning nose,

1    41 1

Harder Than Before


Why everything hit me so hard now, Whether it is about humans or not, Whether somebody’s sayin...

1    24 1

Beleaguered by Melancholy


Why is it so harder, Why is it now, Whether I can relate or not, I hear it aloud, I feel it...

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A Soul in the Rain


It was the most agonizing night of the life, Twilight with its frozen thoughts stabbing my heart ...

1    22 1

Seeing Him - A Dream


Few moments there, Just like a magic, That moment of ecstasy brings,

1    24 0

Dream Like A Sunrise

Drama Romance

Today was like one of my favorite day to replay, Because I’m going to reminisce it everyday, A...

1    91 3

Beyond Infinity


I love the way you stop me in between, And then you stare at me, Damn! Your beautiful eyes…

1    86 2

Mind and Heart


With all of my heart having several of cracks With all of my brain never keeping me sane

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Our Today


The sparkling butterflies start running in my veins, And his giggles on my lips left me insane.

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The Blues Of The Mother

Inspirational Thriller

From the land to the sky, From the crepuscule to the light, From the Pessimism to the optimistic lif...

1    228 47

Blues Of The Mother


Blue was her favorite color, And that's what she ever felt, Having a cold iced heart, Which her d...

1    68 2

My Love For You Is Infinity

Fantasy Romance

Sky is not the limit, Neither the universe, Not even the black hole, My love for you is infinity.

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Infatuated To You.

Drama Fantasy Others

Some people are irreplaceable and cannot be replaced with others...

1    6.7K 4

An Ounce Of Woes.

Others Romance

Ounce of the woes are the measure of the tears shedding in the crepuscule... 

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