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Soorya Prakash   AUTHOR OF THE YEAR 2019 - NOMINEE

  Literary Colonel

Being An Indian Superhero


If I were the Indian Wonder Woman, I would be wary of the talk shows...

1    241 34

Steps To Become A Superhero

Children Stories Drama

You will first become Batman When you have sleepless nights and scary dreams

1    5 0

Brain scans for better lives


Let me scan our brains in love And show them how the neural circuit operates..

1    231 24

Do You Remember?


Do you remember those nights When we would stay conversing, completing each other’s se

2    47 2

The Journey To The Top

Abstract Drama

I reach the mountaintop Wanting to look at the cities below..

1    296 41

Me And My Writer Self


I continue accumulating wealth in the society Finding more time for investments and le

1    27 1

The Wordy Hero

Children Stories Others

I adjust my knowledgeable cape Designed with definitions from dictionaries..

1    302 29

My Monday Mornings

Drama Others

My seventh alarm goes off Along with my neighbour’s pressure cooker..

1    166 42

To Dream Or Not To Dream


I wake up from my sleep, Thanking all my stars, heaving a sigh of relief..

1    24 1

Before & After...


The poet wants to follow her before birth and after the death

1    22 1

The Protest Against Loneliness


My phone changed the security pattern by itself, It’s no more a fancy star - it’s a plain, single...

1    6 0

Writing With Pain

Abstract Drama

I close my defeated eyes When you start scribbling on my eyelids..

1    184 9

The Police And Thief game

Children Stories Drama

My mom and I have played a lot of games From lego cities to crayon kitties

2    286 7

Love By Chance Or Love By Fate

Drama Romance

Yesterday night, as we lay in each other’s arms, You kissed me as usual

2    340 44

The Untimely Apology


I wish this patience had shown up that morning When you and I had that monstrous figh

1    315 48

Dreams In A Movie Theater


The poem describes a dream in a movie theater.

2    43 2

Fears Of A Creative Person

Abstract Drama

Have you ever looked up at the sky Waiting for a meteor to come speeding towards you?

1    318 39

Why This Poem?


The poet asks if the poem makes sense.

2    5 0

Understanding Love...


I will love you because I choose to, I will love you because you chose me...

1    10 0

You Make Me Special


I may change the brand of my deodorant every month But you still make scented erasers special..

1    26 1

My Fake Magic Tricks

Drama Romance

I smiled and kissed her Sucking in all our fights and tears

2    5 0

Can I Be Your O2?

Drama Romance

To hell with the coffee mug as well The warmest kiss on your lips should be mine

2    178 49

And The Story Goes On...

Abstract Drama

Whenever I met an ending in my life In the form of an unexpected death

1    334 4

The Heartbreak Song


The poem is a song of heartbreak.

1    24 1

Redistributing Love


How beautiful and fair would the world be if every person could receive the same amount of love he/s...

2    25 1

Life Vs. Me


I spit out blood that had collected in my mouth I taunted at life to hit me again

2    208 2

The Great Secretary


As a child When she had fallen prey to animals

1    157 15

High On Happy Endings


It has been a year in rehabilitation now After the loss of a dear friend A fellow add

1    2 0

The Lonely Bus Ride

Abstract Drama

board an empty bus And find a window-seat without competition

2    5 0

Our Love Train


The poem shows the love journey like the beginning of a train journey.

2    3 0

A Friend Gets Married


She was the most beautiful person in the wedding hall, She also seemed the most anxious...

3    20 1

Isn't My Reality Just Mine?


The poem questions if our realities are just ours?

1    305 23

I Wanted To Kill Myself

Drama Abstract

I wanted to kill myself Till a stranger hugged me at the suicide point And said, “After all, y...

2    331 24

I Feel


This is a poem about a man fighting his loneliness, trying to experience emotions so that he does no...

1    172 21

The Word Gardener


The poem reflects on a silent girl who loves to write and slowly opening up to her close friends and...

1    111 1

Ordering Future


Can someone help me with placing an order of the future?

1    44 2



Most nights end well But some turn into nightmares.

1    108 5

A Cry By The Candlelight


But I want them for much more.. For remembering those moments of sharing in the darkness When ...

2    107 4

The Wait For Love


The walls of the house still smelled of new paint, The wait to smell of the sweat of intense love...

2    87 1

The Writer's Block


Maybe it should be the other way around Maybe the meaning is too hidden to be found Maybe I ne...

1    2 0

You And I

Drama Romance

I recall our past and I predict our future My imaginations are clearer than my memories Perhap...

1    48 1



I imagined a crowded street where the clothes turned emotional chameleons Yellow for joy, blue fo...

1    65 2

My Dear Reflection...

Abstract Drama

I move my hand gently over the mirror I carefully study my reflection My reflection looks like...

1    53 2

The Word Thief


Like the rain drops that cannot be taken back by the sky, Like the shed flowers that cannot be ta...

2    25 1



I hold his letter in my hands and I can feel his wrinkles The paper is stiff yet the written words ...

4    36 1

Too Busy To Be Sad


Some days arrive When our rooms get crowded with unwelcome people Night after night, weekend after...

1    69 1