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Suchismita Ghoshal   AUTHOR OF THE YEAR 2019 - NOMINEE

◾Student◾ ◾Poet◾ ◾Scribbler◾ ◾Muser◾ ◾Published co-author◾ ◾Storyteller◾ ◾Singer◾ ◾Freelance Model◾ A WRITER KNOWN FOR HER SOUL-TALKS ,NOT FOR HER SKIN❤🍁🙏 Hailing from a small city Malda, West Bengal, Suchismita dreams high to touch the sky. She is an avid reader, writer, poet, muser, scribbler, storyteller, published author, blogger, nature lover, social worker & a freelance model. She will soon complete her graduation in Zoology. She has also completed her advanced diploma in Computer Application. Her debut book titled "Fields of Sonnet" will soon be launched.She aspires to become a great author & book reviewer in the future. She is available on her instagram account @storytellersuchismita & her email id - ghoshalsuchismita019@gmail.com read more

  Literary Brigadier

Reincarnation of Humanity

Drama Tragedy

She falls on the lap of death, All bad and all terribly red,

2    210 10

Living Gods


The poem tells that parents are living Gods.

2    1 0

Winter Love


Remember, I confessed That your hurts are also redolently elegant Just like your lov

2    42 2

The Dreamland


Is it a dream or I am in reality? I pinch my skin again & again...

2    0 0

The Smell of Time

Abstract Drama Others

The day I smelled the elegance of time, My life changed.

2    303 34

A Secluded Bus


The poet shows his concern for the secluded bus.

2    1 0

The Road Not Taken


You clogged your road

1    22 2

When I Was A Superhero


The infinity power gave me the chance of inserting, The seeds of kindness & not the seeds of jeal...

2    142 40


Abstract Drama

Depression easily attacked my soul And killed the essential part of ecstasy in living.

1    296 23

Her Glittery Eyes


The everlasting love leaking from her heart Seeing her baby peacefully sleeping in her

2    23 1

Mystical Creature


My traces aren't completed yet, As the invisible eyes tend to tempt me all the time.

1    3 0


Drama Romance

If being envious is worth to be imprisoned, I want to be imprisoned in the cage of your heart fo...

1    230 30

The Sound Of Silence

Abstract Drama

And my prayers voyage through its flow. Destiny is far, not unreachable,

1    137 36



Hope one-day war lovers will at last understand; understand the meaning of religion is

4    22 1

A Notion Of Secrets


While I supposed to be delicate & thirsty; Only my heart agrees these secrets were not

2    20 1

Addiction Of His Wintry Skin


Bewitching smile as cold as frosty sunset, Subsumes my peace & turns my blood frozen,

1    1 0

Indian Festivities

Children Stories Others

Far from the materialistic fun, delicious food, and cracker pollution; They knew the ultimate lov...

1    21 2


Others Drama Children Stories

Some stories, too confidential to be shared, Are only enjoyed by friends for a strange trust. ...

2    276 5

Stars Made Through Friendship


Friendship is a gem whereas, The persons behind are the gemstones.

2    334 4



The boy who loves crayon pencils, Gasps with the ponderous books on his shoulder, Waits restle...

1    279 1

Have Faith

Inspirational Children Stories Abstract

Have faith for no longer will the darkness stay, Know that the light of hope will heal you again ...

1    172 0

Monsoon Tales


His reminiscents turned into a nightmare, Parents' tough words turned into venoms...

3    211 3

The Undaunted Souls


Early birds they are, bring new morning to the country, New hope, new love, a new mantra, and new...

2    217 0

College Life


With my numb limbs, heart cracks & aching soul, I give a wrenching tribute to my college goals.

2    218 2

The First Rain


The first rains are unforgettable and unique, raising a plethora of unspoken and unpredictable emoti...

4    185 2

Your Essence


It feels rejuvenating when you sit beside me....

2    90 1

My Invention


In this coarse world of greed & lust, I’ve suffered a lot for septicemia...

1    45 1

Damaged Sides Of A Society

Drama Tragedy

I couldn’t escape this trap of shame any sooner, When a little one suddenly bumped upon my legs.....

4    89 1

You Feel Like A Scotch


You are like the first sip I tried on my first date, And something which felt awful but still the...

2    176 46

Reflection - A Tale Of Serene


Celestial ambience, lush green meadow, I spend my time in my utter grief.

2    54 1



When you sit beside me, resurrecting my peace back, and your intense eyes never miss any...

1    6 0

Your Retribution


And your presence as soothing as the stars of night sky.

2    0 0

Reasons to 'Fall For You'


A poetic interpretation of love, giving the various reasons to cherish their love.

2    88 5

Birthday Wish

Children Tragedy

The radiant hues won't show his path again, The presents won't unfasten the lost memories again!

1    68 2



The attendees might pray for the endless peace;where the grey hard ground & buried graves prayed,

1    71 3

Dusty Road

Abstract Romance

A poetic touch to share the golden memories flashing before the eyes, beading them to a melodious to...

1    139 6

Tales of New India


We are the people, & we have guts in our veins, to bring revolution, resilience ,rejuvenation & cha...

3    26 0



She reflected a fascination rippling of my solace, & smashed my serene with her long absence.

2    50 1

Let The Love Be Hidden


Poet has expressed the concealed emotion of her true unadulterated love, despite the ups and downs ...

1    26 1

Flickering Streetlights


When my life stumbled upon on a massacre, it felt the wounds of getting abandoned;

2    91 3



Poet express her desolation as suffocating and the lowered spirit is made visible through her words.

1    128 5

Naked Intentions


Just the way your fingertips loved my body inch by inch, I quivered every time the waves hit my shor...

2    46 1



An estranged relationship, trying to reason out, by analyzing the past episodes.

1    49 2

Survival Through Pains & Gains


Life is explained as a cart-wheel, where no emotion is constant. Poet emphasizes on the balance of m...

1    21 1

Our Tale Of Love

Abstract Romance

Poet , uncertain of the depth of her love, standing in the midst of journey of her love life.

1    83 4

Pulwama Attack


Just learned to breathe without your presence But this chaos shattered my hopes into pieces.

1    24 1

Pulwama Attack


Just learned to breathe without your presence But this chaos shattered my hopes into pieces.

1    46 2

Maa- You're My 'Forever'

Children Drama Others

After every initiation and every end in my life, I saw ever; Maa, you are the only love with the ess...

2    740 72

A Mother’s Sobs


Sobs of a mother should never go in vain, Curse of a mother should never mercy then from pain,

3    104 5

A Notion Of Secrets


Stitched mouth, lack of words and senses, Garnished by silent yet screaming stares, Only my heart ...

1    47 2


Abstract Thriller

As the wolves chased my mind And my peace slowly died in acute pain.

1    24 0

Igniting Desires

Fantasy Romance

Insomniac nights seek your presence, And I stare upon the scintillating stars to tell my tales.

1    44 1

The Secret

Others Romance

The secret is I know our story will always remain like a story of fiction.

1    22 0



Drops by drops I fuse, To make a ocean of my courage. Unveiling the doors of my fear;

1    148 6


Children Drama Inspirational

Gains will enrich your empire, And pains will drag you to a roadside dweller. If you're tattooed w...

1    26 2



By the storms of pain, scars & wounds...

1    24 1

Musical Dreams

Children Others

My dreams perhaps sparkle a song, To love, bewitch and win hearts forever.

1    32 1

Totems & Pillars


For I must reach my destiny, Where my dreams reside with delight.

1    25 1



We are glued as if never to be parted,

1    23 1

Abode Of My Dreams

Children Inspirational

Germination of my dreams, Are seeded deep into the soils of my school

1    73 3

Wake Up, Girls

Children Inspirational

It's your fight,Girls; show them you are no less, It's your fight ,Girls; destroy them with your po...

1    68 2

I Am The Darkest Star


Love me back like I love you, From the lanes to lanes, serpentine with your aroma, Embrace me back...

1    994 14


Drama Romance

The flavours she carried, Was exquisite for me; I tried to unfurl the mystery, All went in vain.

1    110 4

Poetry Paperboats

Abstract Children

I feel weightless and my desires, Squeeze words and verses of their voyages;

1    29 1

I Wait For You


I wait for you by the riverside, Sleeping in the grand lounge of meadows, Comforting my eyes and p...

1    15 0

Our E-Love


Entangled as curved fleshes, Our lips dived into the ocean.

1    13.1K 4

Constant Love


But the season of our love is constant, Evergreen and ubiquitous.

1    7.0K 3


Abstract Romance

"Prove me it was not love, prove me the untold stories Suppressed & oppressed in your heart.."

1    6.6K 10


Drama Tragedy

Just like the falling leaves, our relationship fell down ...

1    13.3K 2



"Stay determined and wave your wings, To fly high in the sky."

1    7.0K 8



"Lines of errors on rhyming verses, Explored a new way to a beautiful poem"

1    7.0K 2

Let's Love


"Let's break the barriers of uneasiness, Let's clench the hands of promising future"

1    6.8K 7