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Suchismita Ghoshal

◾Student◾ ◾Poet◾ ◾Scribbler◾ ◾Muser◾ ◾Published co-author◾ ◾Storyteller◾ ◾Singer◾ ◾Freelance Model◾ A WRITER KNOWN FOR HER SOUL-TALKS ,NOT FOR HER SKIN❤🍁🙏 Hailing from a small city Malda, West Bengal, Suchismita dreams high to touch the sky. She is an avid reader, writer, poet, muser, scribbler, storyteller, published author, blogger, nature lover, social worker & a freelance model. She will soon complete her graduation in Zoology. She has also completed her advanced diploma in Computer Application. Her debut book titled "Fields of Sonnet" will soon be launched.She aspires to become a great author & book reviewer in the future. She is available on her instagram account @storytellersuchismita & her email id - ghoshalsuchismita019@gmail.com read more

  Literary Brigadier

A Letter To The Known Stranger


A goodbye letter

2    120 20

Love 'Eleutheromania'


The story shows that the love journey is beautiful.

3    266 16

College Campus - A Gamechanger


Ever since stepping down to the ground of my college, I have never been able to forget the first day...

3    341 3

Travelling Through Odour

Romance Drama

Everytime when they hugged, she took every bit of his odour & secretly locked in her mind.

1    270 5

College & Memory


Being an introvert, extremely lonely, she used to sit in a corner of her college ground...

1    223 2

College And Memory

Romance Drama

While turning the pages of a fantasy novel, her mind glued to the story completely.

1    46 2

College And Memory

Romance Drama

She was just a shy nerd, unlike others. He was the hot topic when he used to clutch bat on the gr...

1    65 3

College And Memories

Drama Children Stories

From sweetest ego fights to bunking lectures for a quality time together, From departmental issu...

1    61 3

The Ocean Of Eyes

Romance Abstract

The story shows the first meet of eyes s the best place traveled.

1    30 2



The story shows that we should raise voice against the wrong lust and rape.

6    104 7

An Open Letter To The Nurses


At the end of the day, that smile of fulfillment, happiness & peace in all your faces is surely wort...

6    52 3

A Withered Rose

Drama Romance

A rose which, long suppressed in the yellow pages of your diary, with the essence of a beautiful ...

3    184 7

The Torn String

Drama Inspirational

This story is about the woman who has a desire to become a singer but always misunderstood by husban...

18    142 5

The Second’s Hand


I put my efforts to turn the happiest canvas of this world into the gloomiest one...

2    362 33



Black was something that brought me luck

2    151 5