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Supreet S. Shetty

Supreet is a Poet, Logophile and an Engineer. Supreet concurs we have deceived our vision to an extent where we find only a couple as people in love and ignore the things around. Her belief ,"It's the beauty of the heart that makes one find love in all that one see's " is explicitly reflected and is the essence of her writings. Her poetries are usually titled in Greek or other dialects as her trademark style. She hopes to touch people's heart through her poetry. If you too believe in the power of love, hope these poems bring happiness ! ❤❤ read more

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..Koi No Yokan...❤ (恋の予感)


It's a clairvoyant's call, " I'll see you again", Our story is yet to be carved from being silent an...

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...Saudade...The Love Remains


With every curve on her lips she would hide the tear,

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....Meraki - Love Begins...


Looking through the window, I realized life is mysterious, After all, it fluctuated being ethical a...

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