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Maria O'Hare

Mental health advocate with bipolar type 1, suicide survivor, poet, blogger, vlogger, guitarist, hippie, dreamer, author

  Literary Colonel

My Night Sky


You are my moon, sun and all of my stars...

1    28 1

Triumph Over Trauma

Drama Inspirational

From overcoming so much my wounds became my wisdom, I am changed as a person and now I will never be...

2    178 36

For My Little Ones


You grow so much it seems each day that you are growing up far too fast

1    64 2

Death Upon The Soul

Abstract Tragedy

The ocean residing behind those eyes, Tries not to flood their shores...

1    208 18

A Sad Poets Society

Classics Tragedy

You and I have never met in person, But we suffer with such similar aversion...

1    316 30

Lovers Moonlight


You are my light amongst the darkness and now the bearer of my heart...

1    283 14

Never Forgotten

Romance Tragedy

This poem is about the memories of a person who dies of cancer.

2    46 2

Triumph Over Trauma

Abstract Tragedy

This poem illustrates that no matter how hard life is and all the challenges I face I am too strong ...

2    45 3



Once I was a little girl With endless hopes and dreams

1    29 2

The Obscurity Of Reality


All I see is as beautiful as a diamond; trees, oceans, lakes and fields, With these rainbow speckle...

2    228 15

Down The Rabbit Hole

Classics Tragedy

As what is sanity or normality? Ah! Non-existent, therefore no abnormality.

1    155 29

So What Is Pain?

Abstract Tragedy

This poem is about the pain of depression which makes one weak.

1    28 2

The Demon Inside My Head

Abstract Tragedy

This poem is about depression and psychosis and how it can lead to sucicidality

2    52 3

The Hurt You Caused


The pain and fear you caused, you could never see

2    264 20

A Societal Ideal


But where have I gone? Where am I? A medicated lobotomy, I cannot even cry..

1    240 11

The Endless Abyss Of Lonelines

Abstract Tragedy

This poem shows the mental pain that one experiences which is more painful than the physical pain.

1    51 1

What Is Love?


This poem is about the meaning of love.

1    36 1

Once Upon A Hopeless Dream


This poems shows the hopeless dreams of a little girl from which she was never set free.

1    130 6

It's Called Depression


This poem shows the state of a depression in a lonely bride's life, which is an agony.

1    5 1

Left Is Right & Right Is Wrong

Abstract Inspirational

This is a socio-political poem about the corruption and greed in our society today.

3    50 3

Sticks And Stones


So now I’ve lost that bright spark inside...

1    313 36

The Girl I Used To Be


I used to be so bright and confident

2    234 27

My Lobotomy


All emptiness and out so far

1    322 10



So, if to you the dandelion is not beautiful, you will never see the real me...

1    227 50

Always In My Heart


Just look at what we made, two miracles who make everything worthwhile

1    281 31

I Love To Write Short Stories


Everything I write of truth you see, Is really a truth only to me...

1    277 14



I'm beautiful in my chaos

1    343 48

Butterfly Skys


As before, and after 'existence', one goes back from where they came...

2    207 12

Perfect Is Not Real


So don't tell me what is normal

1    246 21

The Suicide Note


I have nothing left to offer and I have no fight left, So I'm writing this to you on the day of my ...

2    155 4

The Paradox


Is it all an emotion of itself or a state of mind in itself?

2    315 19

The Darkness In My Soul

Drama Tragedy

I miss the creativity in which I can rule the world...

2    45 2

I Am Already Dead

Drama Others Tragedy

When my shackles have been created by my own suffering there is no liberty

2    57 2