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Rahul Banerjee

  Literary Colonel

A Visit to the World Book Fair

Children Stories Others

Another unique aspect of these kinds of book fairs is that it allows young and promising writers an ...

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Falsely Accused

Drama Crime Others

Sameer is falsely accused of murder and his friend Pranav helps prove his innocence.

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Murder By Way of Dante

Drama Thriller

Shrabani was killed for sinning in flesh and Swamy Nityanand was murdered for spreading

18    266 14

The Case of Unidentified Body

Drama Crime Thriller

What would you do or feel if you suddenly find out that there is a dead body next to you?

13    35 1

Rajiv’s Choice


The story of three childhood friends and then drugs enter their lives. Do they all succumb to narcot...

10    256 29

The Video Game


In my opinion, addiction of any sort is dangerous for oneself

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The Power Of Positivity


I just kept on looking at him and was surprised at his story when he laughed and said t

5    259 6

Mallika's Story


This is the story of a young woman who went on a path of self-destruction and self-guilt because of ...

8    213 6

The Last Wish


Rishi had taken an instant liking to Sachin from the very first go...

14    391 37

Honesty: Is It A Dying Virtue?

Abstract Inspirational

The poem shows the values of the auto driver who helped the poet.

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A Day In The Life Of A Street Hawker


Few days ago, I had to go to Nehru Place on some personal errand and being a weekday, it is really t...

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Chasing Happiness

Drama Inspirational

The woman seemed to be in a hurry and a bit distracted towards the child as he was playing in the du...

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A Visit To Sadar Bazaar

Children Others

Whenever we go out for shopping, we always tend to go to the places and markets which are known to u...

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