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Dear user,

Shreya Chhabra

Dream of being a young poetess someday..... Practice and hardwork going on.... #poemgoals😊😊

  Literary Colonel

The Evil


I tried to run away, But she was full of powers.

1    177 20

The Revenge


But baby! I will never leave you, Even if you die. I will take you to a world that will be new...

1    306 49

The Unbidden

Horror Drama

Was it a catastrophe or a haunted dream, It kept me all night shivering and screaming. Her wic...

1    204 38

An Unsolved Mystery

Thriller Drama Crime

A girl who wished somebody's death, Was considering the world as her greatest threat. Wanderin...

1    263 48

The Reality


P Never live for the world, live for your life, It's all about the clear reality, not the sacrif...

1    338 50

I Am Ill


A day spent on bed, as I am ill, I am missing my friends as they always make me chill.

1    128 1

God's Unluckiest Child


I knew that I was wrong but somehow right, I want to feel happy in a blissful sight.

1    69 4

I Regret


I regret making friends who don't love me, I regret myself for the truth in them I didn't see.

1    246 3

A Dreamy Life


Life is a beautiful dream, That holds me in forever.

1    282 2

The Clock


The time was over but I was not, I made myself strong just like a clock.

1    155 2

Me And Myself


I love to walk in the rain for no one else can see my tears, When the droplets of rain fall on me...

1    73 3

Dear Mr. Examiner

Children Stories Others

A poem by a little girl as a request to you, As you like to be happy and I like it too. A humb...

1    49 1

The Shadow


I saw a dark shadow with a wicked smile, She disappeared from my room just in a little while. ...

1    31 3

Whenever I Guess


Whenever I run, I try to run fast. To discover the best fun, That reminds me of my past.

1    247 2

Precious Tears

Drama Others

When people made fun of me and I used to cry, Sitting all alone in a corner my tears would dry.

1    27 2

My Broken Trust-Friendship


This poem is about a person feeling depressed and lonely after his friends left him

1    29 1

Our Future Is Dead


I am sure that our future is dead, We may even die while dreaming on the bed.

1    37 2

God And I

Abstract Fantasy

This poem is about a person having a conversation with God

1    76 3

I Do Feel


I have emotions and I am a soul, I feel the world and I admire all. I know that I smile rare, ...

1    28 3



This poem shows how stress effects.

1    38 4



This poem is about how people treat us like a tissue paper to use and throw.

1    9 1


Tragedy Others

This poem is about how people cheat us and use us for their advantage.

1    332 26

Time Taught Me


When I noticed myself, I was a teen

1    77 4

All Away


Far away from home, I don't want to be, And all the happy moments I want to see.

1    30 3

Expectations Hurts The Most


Someone said that don't expect from anyone till your last breath....

1    68 3


Classics Tragedy

A pain more painful than heartache, A cheated offer called the life-ache...

1    280 10

The World Will Say

Children Inspirational

When you win, the world will say, "You won because today was your day."

1    49 3

A Tissue Paper Life


"All are cheaters", I will say.

1    99 5

The Most Adventurous Ride-Life


This ride can lead you to terror and also fears, Life will judge you on the basis of your screams an...

1    531 6



O' human body, beware of your deeds, God is watching you spoiling new seeds.

1    1.2K 6

The Best Gift Of Almighty: Mom


Once I met God in my dreams, A place all away from shouts and screams.

1    4.1K 9

The Fantasy Of My Life


My life is like a fairy tale, Full of adventures and love.

1    3.6K 8

Happy Birthday Dad


Not many can have a father, a superman like you, In the whole world there could hardly be one or tw...

1    13.1K 10

I Am Upset


I am upset, From sunrise till sunset. Sitting whole day instead corner alone, Watching the bright su...

1    6.5K 11

Seasons Of My Country


Excited for the Christmas winter arrives, Everyone is happy because snowfall will long survive.

1    14.9K 46

A Nightmare That Followed Me


A nightmare that followed me, I had it around half past three.

1    7.7K 14

Happy Diwali


Diwali is a day of love and joy, It is celebrated happily by each girl and boy.

1    6.9K 11

Let Us Save Girl Child


An unborn girl foetus is killed in the womb .She is appealing to treat boys and girls equally.

1    1.6K 22

A True Friend


When you will step in this real world You will be so confused to see people curled.

1    6.8K 12

I Saw A Ghost

Fantasy Horror Thriller

I saw a ghost in my dream, I began to shout and I began to scream. The ghost was about to eat me raw

1    7.6K 28