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Kumud Dhankhar

I am Hagrid

  Literary Colonel

The God Of Dover

Abstract Classics Fantasy

A little something with a hint of folklore and a whole lot of wholesomeness

8    136 8

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8    119 8

Meine Flucht-1

Action Classics Tragedy

Hardships of being a Jew during Hitler's reign, experienced through the mind of a Holocaust survivor...

8    312 9


Crime Tragedy

One dream, one impulse, can change your life.

9    13.4K 96

Forever Bound

Classics Fantasy Horror

Join me in my journey to discover the chilling and ironical truth behind humans and everything wrong...

7    11.2K 326

A Deadly Dream

Classics Fantasy Thriller

Steady yourself to leap into a world of macabre & beware of strange dreams for once entrapped by the...

6    21.9K 355

Hunting Happiness

Children Fantasy

Dive into the magical world of Jacob, a heartbroken father, as he continues the quest to find his da...

13    22.8K 283