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P.Anandha Saraswathi Devi Rajendran   AUTHOR OF THE YEAR 2018 - NOMINEE

Brief Bio of the Poet :-P.Anandha Saraswathi Devi P.Anandha Saraswathi Devi is an Educationalist cum Writer who is inspired to nurture young minds as she is fascinated by their lively hearts and ever bouncy energy levels. She has a rich experience of twenty six years in the field of Education and is now navigating her attention to her always sought out passion of writing poems purely for her heart’s content! She has been writing since school days and has many awards and publications to her credit. Poetry in any form lightens her and she finds everything under the sun to be poetic…”the glorious bounty of nature, both gentle as breeze and furious like the volcano deserves to be enjoyed and human emotions too are indeed very lovely viewed with an eye of poetry “,is her conviction. Apart from the mundane daily routine, reading, gardening, chit chat with youngsters and children is her way of life. With a strong belief in humanity and values, she prefers to share with everyone her views of life, its mystery, secrets, beauty and what not the great lessons learnt through little epiphanies experienced. Now working on an Anthology of poetry – “LIFE” read more

  Literary Brigadier

A Leader!


Only a leader at heart stands for others suffering,

1    91 2


Abstract Inspirational

Spread your wings… First Love Yourself…FLY!

1    67 3

To Our Daughter , Love Bond!

Children Stories

The poem shows the love of parents for their daughter.

1    123 4

Ecstasy Flash..!


The poet wants his innocent Childhood days back

1    42 3

Paint Your Hue!

Abstract Inspirational

The poem inspires to paint dreams on canvas.

1    222 36

Life Opera!

Abstract Inspirational

The poem signifies to enjoy each moment.

1    121 5

Love Lock


This poem shows the eternal love.

1    399 59

Success - A Haiku

Children Inspirational

Success follows my hard work, Blessing in disguise!

1    115 8

Be The Flow…!


Trust the timing of life, Things that come and that go, Never rush, create your flow, Be you, the...

1    118 7

Victory Stand


Daring it was to accept life as it is, Valor and moral strength to let go..

3    554 4

Good Will!


May your days be blessed, for sure, In the turn of events, you dare, Little things keep you engaged

1    261 7

New Start…Way To Go!


A fresh new book we hold, To write our story in bold!

1    34 1



Only the mind that is free, wins laurels you see… May your freedom be restored unto thee!

1    4.5K 9

To Do…!


I struggle not to worry but face, Strange thoughts that cross my mind,

1    2.7K 10

Wounds Into Wisdom!


Opt for the best; navigate yourself with divine trust, Wounds heal to wisdom that takes the test!

1    3.3K 5

Always Choose Love!

Inspirational Others

Opt for the divine trait everywhere… Seek from within the changes to manifest…

1    3.7K 4

Can I?


Believe in yourself, you are unique! Sun is alone, it shines too, why not you?

1    14.3K 6



Perseverance to reach great heights, Tenacity to grab the entire world, Diligence to empower self

1    7.1K 2

A Legend…


Celebrity not for the world but for me, Prodigy who foretells the future

1    7.0K 9

Good, Better, Best!


Provoke your greatness by being great, Spin the wheels of attraction straight..

1    14.2K 5

Success To Relish!


Achievement of friendly souls that never leave us behind, Accomplishment is thriving and being kind

1    6.8K 6



Charming the day dawns in its own innocence, Blissful in every way with great nuance

1    7.2K 5

Calm The Storm!


Why does it burden my thought? Every single day I fought, Like a deer fleeing from the hunt, Only to...

1    7.5K 8

Word Power!


Poem talks about the power words have,it's utilisation in the correct time and place is very importa...

1    1.2K 4

My Daughter-Stardust Soul!


Sly is she, but beams with bliss...

1    13.4K 12

Create Yourself


If not me, who? If not now, when?

1    13.9K 7

Buffalo Thought!


But your prestige you should preserve, Never, ever sleep in the muddy pond for sure!

1    13.7K 7

Love Thyself!

Drama Inspirational

The mighty river flows significantly with pride

1    14.3K 10



Recognition of the ordinary evolves into blessings!

1    14.0K 11

Hormones For Harmonic Life!

Inspirational Others

The final hormone is Oxytocin, Is released when we become close to other human beings! Hug others or...

1    6.9K 12

Gift Of Life!


Role and mould thyself into delight,

1    7.2K 6

Just Begin

Inspirational Others

Get ready for a fight with a confident grin, kick off your doubts and just begin!

1    6.9K 6

Discover New Horizons!


Your experience, your understanding, all springs from your thoughts infinite

1    14.2K 5

Seven Wonders Of The World


Miraculous and amazing, Their existence, Overwhelmed I mount up

1    6.7K 8

I Am


I am …what I am

1    13.9K 12

Beauty Of Love!


"Understanding smile when in troubled waters, Appreciating nod when you struggle to win"

1    7.1K 10

See The Light In Everything!


A smile that cheers up to miles among the busy day, serves a lighthouse, brightening lives in every ...

1    14.0K 11

Video Games


Let them join the game, let them play. Let adrenaline shoot up and motivate their day!

1    6.9K 9

Rain – Showers Of Blessing


Wish the drizzling boon freshen life, Downpours, yet gentle and spanking new

1    14.1K 16



Time applauds your brilliance blended with love, glory be to you for the battle you withstand

1    14.3K 8

Borderless… Borders!


Bridge the gaps in the environs Possibly a borderless border blooms!

1    7.2K 11



Blossom for you are born to win

1    13.9K 12

Mend With Love


Concern is the watchword Kindness is the keyword

1    13.3K 12

Becoming Or Unbecoming!


It’s Unbecoming everything that isn’t really YOU! To be the one who you were meant to be!

1    13.5K 16

Hidden Happiness


My hopes are diminishing …Dreams shattering! I wonder where to search …My lost peace did lurch!

1    6.6K 9

Dream Your Dream


Is it hard to dream or is it bad to dream?

1    1.4K 8

Pussy’s Fuzzy Logic


A cat called miss Pussy and the the mess she creates in a house and all the things she does in a hou...

1    7.1K 13

Epiphany Of The Cocoon


Emerge a Butterfly by seeking in the Abundance of the Higher Truth! ...Be a butterfly ...flutter by...

1    13.5K 13



Not that she knew what it was...

1    1.3K 19


Drama Tragedy

Stealing away tranquility of my mind, turning hurdles into hazards...

1    13.2K 12

Life In An Aquarium


Or should we recall, the mighty Ocean of mystery?

1    14.1K 12

Being Invisible

Abstract Others

Invisible is the Higher Truth Sentinel of the magnificent universe

1    13.5K 8



Deep into me I dive, to get in touch with the sublime ocean

1    12.9K 11

Blessing Of Abundance!


Life has plenty in store, Blessings in abundance in its shore!

1    13.6K 13

Childhood Fantasy


Love the world through baby’s insight. Dream to awake the same in all

1    14.0K 17

Key That Unlocks...


When heart beats always with a Prayer, Lifts to the Higher Truth descend Key that unlocks eternity o...

1    13.8K 12

Epiphany Bubbles

Abstract Others

The water bellowing down with all its might through reminded her that life is scary but constant.

1    7.0K 12

Golden Silence


Rapture is golden silence within.Seventh heaven it is sublime

1    6.9K 17

Horizon Of Life


Mind and soul in eternal peace, I’m dumbfound, I seek the Higher Truth, I see myself!

1    13.7K 17

Real Me


Down to Earth, I wish I were the REAL ME! Humble, when success crowns me,

1    7.0K 13

First Impression

Abstract Inspirational

Maybe empathy will clear the smudge And peace dawns in shower!

1    13.4K 25

A Salute To Our Soldiers


India takes pride in you

1    14.9K 31