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Nanditha Ram

  Literary Colonel

Lilly Singh

Inspirational Others

Wake up, be strong Work hard, And most importantly,

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Round Table Conferences

Children Others

It's possible to stop the vicious cycle, Of marks, report cards, and comparison to the smarter chi...

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Little Moments; Big Hearts

Inspirational Others

I will look back on the little moments, That made my life bigger, And my heart fuller.

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Be Different

Drama Others

He told her, He just wants to escape from this imperfect skin, To be a real boy just like the othe...

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Rupi Kaur


She looked up to her, The one who bloomed in sunflowers, The one who created milk and honey.

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We'll Be Fine


I cried and cried all night, every night, but ...

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I want to feel the warmth and love of your arms, but I don't want to be near you. I want to hate you...

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If I Had Known

Drama Tragedy

If I had known it was our last hug, I would've hugged you longer and tighter

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Maybe It Was Love

Others Romance

Maybe it was in the happiness. Maybe it was in the tears. Maybe it was in the smiles.

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I Miss You


I miss you. I miss your smile. I miss your smell.

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I Wonder

Others Romance

I wonder if she will feel safe in your arms just like I did.

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Like I Did


Did you dwell on the beautiful memories, like I did?

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Thank You

Children Drama

To those who stayed up till 4 am to keep a smile on my face

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New Year


There will be love and laughter, but you won't be here

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Every single day


Every single day, I replay our conversations in my head ...

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