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Suchismita Sahu   Author of the Year 2018 - Nominee

I am a Software Professional and Technology Trainer by Profession and a Public Speaker, Story Teller and Blogger by Passion, who likes to express her inner feelings through these activities.

A Love Story


I don’t know why Ruchi was coming to my mind again and again in this Sunday evening, even though I tried a lot myself to deviate from it...

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Friends Forever

Children Stories

A mouse and a frog were friends. Every morning the frog would hop out of his pond and go to visit his friend who lived in a hole in the side of a tree. He would return home at noon.

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“If you want to go fast then go alone and if you want to go far, go with others…”

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Lady With Her Dog


After getting Mr. Raj’s confirmation about Ruchi’s last right, I started preparing for it without making any delay. Initially

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Drama Others

She paced up and down the room contemplating over the two letters and decided to take matters into her own hand...

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Lady With Her Dog


Suddenly, the Earth moved away under my feet…I was not able to believe.

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The Art: A Life Changer


You don’t know what you are…come out from your cocoon and live your life full of World…

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Drama Tragedy

This story is about a mother who does not have enough money to even buy the thermometer and have to sell utensils.

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Disabled Dream

Drama Tragedy

When Basanti gets a job as a teacher, the first thing what I will ask her is to teach me. I will also...

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Empty Pride


Tears of repentance rolled down Priya’s cheeks and she breathed heavily so loudly that he could hear, but he...

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Drama Others

They must be allowed to meet with other talented young people just like them around the world. These types of encounters...

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A Fired Little Angel

Crime Tragedy

We reached our destination. But the Almighty noticed my wet eyes, “Angels are not supposed to feel earthly emotions.

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I Am A Girl!


It was a dark morning at 5:45 am of winter in KSR, railway station Bangalore.

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Dark Room


When that day, Aaji opened the door for work, she froze at the doorstep for few seconds…The sight in front of her.......

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A Feeling Of Exhilaration-1


I'll call you at six...Good-bye, darling.,'-this was buzzing in her ears again and again...

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Dry Leaf-3


Accepted… -a very innocent voice had not only reminded him about the days of his conversation with her, but also it had melt

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Dry Leaf - 2


When he had first seen her in her black n white photo, her electrifying smile had completely won him over.

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Dry Lea f- 1!


An old man was trying to remember his wife as he started walking clumsily with the help of his walking-stick

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My Value


The next day, Roshan came to her with a heavy heart and told her that...

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As I was very much interested in ghosts’ stories since my childhood, I had heard about this haunted palace and was curious

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I realised it becomes difficult to rectify something which has already happened, instead I need to concentrate not to repeat

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I just kept quite for sometimes, enjoying his calm and gentle personality in a heron white shirt and black trouser...

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The Sea


I wanted to be beautiful, catch the sunlight. Shimmer under the moon. Rise and be seen!

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It was a dark black night, sky was covered with clouds, not a single star was twinkling…

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Shyness has a strange element of narcissism, a belief that how we look is truly important to others

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Drama Inspirational

A story about how to live in the present and celebrate life as a gift

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Manglik Bride


“Its enough… I feel, we should part our ways now…”- this time Alia was calm.

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A major customer from Germany had escalated hundreds of odd issues, which was quite normal till date for the vendor.

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Lord Jaganatha's Black Jasmine


King Bibhisan, brother of demon Ravan in Tretaya Yuga was a great devotee of Ayodhya king Ramachandra..

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Lord Jagannath And His Devotee


This story tells us about various devotees and their heartfelt devotion towards lord Jagannath.

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A Secret Letter


A dead woman was lying on the bed, quietly, as a woman should whose life had been blameless.

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Inspirational Tragedy

I felt uncanny, seemed like I was looking at an old mansion in a horror movie, that held the souls of the abandoned.

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Drama Others

The harder you try to fit in, the further you move from relationships, from the little life-defining moments, from yourself.

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My Place


The story is about the trauma and suffering of a childless woman

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Her First Flight


A free girl, who wants to be free and wants everyone to be free, who taught me to be free from all anxieties .

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Drama Inspirational

The strength that I have had was is solely because I am a mother else I would have given up a long time back.

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I Wish To Be A Mermaid - VI


"Alas, he doesn't know it was I who saved his life," the little mermaid thought.

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I Wish To Be A Mermaid - V


"Remember!" said the witch. "Once you have taken a human form, you can never be a mermaid again.

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I Wish To Be A Mermaid IV


"If men aren't drowned," the little mermaid asked, "do they live on forever? Don't they die, as we do down here in the sea?"

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I Wish To Be A Mermaid III


Story of a mermaid falling in love with a human boy..

3    8.9K 152

I Wish To Be A Mermaid II

Drama Fantasy

The mermaid watched the Prince regain consciousness, and smile at everyone around him.

2    8.9K 105

Slum Daughter Of India


I lost my last breath lying on the same garbage from where my life started one day....

7    17.3K 185

An Accident In My Life


An accident which taught the author the lesson of karma cycle..

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Confession Of A Mother


Motherhood is an extension of identity, it's for women to enhance their lives but not to put pressure on it..

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Its Not Too Late!


Work performed with higher knowledge or skill, capacity or ambition, usually brings a correspondingly higher reward

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I Wish To Be A Mermaid


The little mermaid could not take her eyes off the ship and the handsome Prince...

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DUHITA -The Daughter

Drama Tragedy

What does the girl get in return?

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Pride And Compromise


who doesn’t want to see her son happy?”

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Slum Daughter Of India


I lost my last breath lying on the same garbage from where my life had started one day.

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Mythology Of Lord Jagannath 1


The story behind the establishment of the famous Jagannath temple.

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Kakki Mama


After an hour of wait, in her small cottage, which was outside the complete house, the lady of the house came and gave her...

8    9.4K 134

My First Crush- II


Break the wall, Face the World….this is the only one option with you now..

8    9.1K 211

My First Crush


Story of discovering one's liking towards the opposite gender..

5    2.2K 214

The Most Awaiting journey- III

Fantasy Others

An adventure of some earthlings on a space ship to Mars...

5    19.3K 189

The Most Awaiting Journey - II

Drama Others

The ladies had come up at him from their chairs, protesting and trembling...

4    9.9K 210

The Most Awaiting Journey - II

Fantasy Others Thriller

All the seething pressures that had been built up over long years came steaming through the delicate vents of her body...

4    20.0K 237

The Most Awaiting Journey- I

Fantasy Others

Journey of a woman into the extra terrestrial, to experience the divine..

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Story of a young girl feeling ecstasy amidst nature's beauty..

4    19.7K 219

Deep Lesson Of Life

Drama Others

Sometimes some wounds given by people are so deep, that you cannot really forget them..

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Cream and Red Pashapalli Saree


This story is about believing in yourself and accepting who you are.

9    10.0K 311

A New Cycle Of Life


Today, after twenty years later, on the same floor of the same hospital I found my father rushing towards a nurse....

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Self-dependent Woman


The perception and the real meaning of self-dependence.. how it is twisted and manipulated..

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How women are still constantly judged in our modern society..

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Everything outside was covered in ice and snow, and the wind cut like a knife in people’s faces. ...

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A story about leaving behind all baggages and making a new fresh start in life..

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The gifts were five: Fame, Love, Richness, Pleasure and Death.

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The Water Wives


A tale of reluctance on the Government's part, which is leading to violation of basic rights of people in our country.

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A Little Match Girl


A story about life, death, emotions and the will to attain the most basic of comforts in the world..

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Blind Spark

Drama Action

Death of tribal Madhu in Palakkad - He too was as precious to his mother, as I am to my mother.

3    10.4K 225

Break the Silence...!!!


A letter to a father from his agonized daughter, which changed her course of life..

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Journey of Heart


"Loneliness adds beauty to life. It puts a special burn on sunset and makes night air smells better!!"

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