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Suchismita Sahu   Author of the Year 2018 - Nominee

Passionate about creativity in business, technology and literature...!

  Literary Brigadier



Ruchi and Suprabh become closer and like and care for each other. Will they spend all their lives to...

18    232 30

Harmonious Discord - II

Romance Drama

Perfectionism can make you feel unhappy with your life. It can lead to depression, anxiety, eating d...

2    75 4

Harmonious Discord


She knew he does not like average persons, and he knew she does not like clutters in her life… Th...

2    254 3

A Childish Miracle - II

Children Stories Fantasy

"Mamma! mamma! We have finished our little snow-sister, and she is running about the garden with us!...

5    108 2

Childish Miracle

Children Stories Drama Fantasy

One afternoon of a cold winter's day, when the sun shone forth with chilly brightness, after a long ...

9    263 2

The Emperor's New Clothes


The story is about two people fooling the king stating that they can weave the finest dress only a s...

4    177 5

A Love Story


I don’t know why Ruchi was coming to my mind again and again in this Sunday evening, even though I t...

5    158 3

Friends Forever

Children Stories

A mouse and a frog were friends. Every morning the frog would hop out of his pond and go to visit hi...

2    88 2



“If you want to go fast then go alone and if you want to go far, go with others…”

6    120 2

Lady With Her Dog


After getting Mr. Raj’s confirmation about Ruchi’s last right, I started preparing for it without ma...

2    345 14


Drama Others

She paced up and down the room contemplating over the two letters and decided to take matters into h...

4    62 0

Lady With Her Dog


Suddenly, the Earth moved away under my feet…I was not able to believe.

5    167 6

The Art: A Life Changer


You don’t know what you are…come out from your cocoon and live your life full of World…

4    452 33


Drama Tragedy

This story is about a mother who does not have enough money to even buy the thermometer and have to ...

4    187 5

Disabled Dream

Drama Tragedy

When Basanti gets a job as a teacher, the first thing what I will ask her is to teach me. I will als...

3    432 4

Empty Pride


Tears of repentance rolled down Priya’s cheeks and she breathed heavily so loudly that he could hear...

5    401 41


Drama Others

They must be allowed to meet with other talented young people just like them around the world. These...

4    161 3

A Fired Little Angel

Crime Tragedy

We reached our destination. But the Almighty noticed my wet eyes, “Angels are not supposed to feel e...

6    135 5

I Am A Girl!


It was a dark morning at 5:45 am of winter in KSR, railway station Bangalore.

2    74 2

Dark Room


When that day, Aaji opened the door for work, she froze at the doorstep for few seconds…The sight in...

6    1.1K 110

A Feeling Of Exhilaration-1


I'll call you at six...Good-bye, darling.,'-this was buzzing in her ears again and again...

1    186 7

Dry Leaf-3


Accepted… -a very innocent voice had not only reminded him about the days of his conversation with h...

5    1.2K 58

Dry Leaf - 2


When he had first seen her in her black n white photo, her electrifying smile had completely won him...

4    1.4K 72

Dry Lea f- 1!


An old man was trying to remember his wife as he started walking clumsily with the help of his walki...

2    786 88

My Value


The next day, Roshan came to her with a heavy heart and told her that...

5    877 84



As I was very much interested in ghosts’ stories since my childhood, I had heard about this haunted ...

6    1.2K 81



I realised it becomes difficult to rectify something which has already happened, instead I need to c...

2    2.0K 86



I just kept quite for sometimes, enjoying his calm and gentle personality in a heron white shirt and...

7    4.3K 59

The Sea


I wanted to be beautiful, catch the sunlight. Shimmer under the moon. Rise and be seen!

3    9.0K 80



It was a dark black night, sky was covered with clouds, not a single star was twinkling…

3    4.8K 80



Shyness has a strange element of narcissism, a belief that how we look is truly important to others

3    6.9K 109


Drama Inspirational

A story about how to live in the present and celebrate life as a gift

6    15.5K 89

Manglik Bride


“Its enough… I feel, we should part our ways now…”- this time Alia was calm.

4    8.4K 100



A major customer from Germany had escalated hundreds of odd issues, which was quite normal till date...

5    8.2K 121

Lord Jaganatha's Black Jasmine


King Bibhisan, brother of demon Ravan in Tretaya Yuga was a great devotee of Ayodhya king Ramachandr...

3    8.9K 146

Lord Jagannath And His Devotee


This story tells us about various devotees and their heartfelt devotion towards lord Jagannath.

4    2.0K 88

A Secret Letter


A dead woman was lying on the bed, quietly, as a woman should whose life had been blameless.

5    8.3K 147


Inspirational Tragedy

I felt uncanny, seemed like I was looking at an old mansion in a horror movie, that held the souls o...

5    16.3K 156


Drama Others

The harder you try to fit in, the further you move from relationships, from the little life-defining...

5    8.3K 131

My Place


The story is about the trauma and suffering of a childless woman

7    8.2K 134

Her First Flight


A free girl, who wants to be free and wants everyone to be free, who taught me to be free from all ...

9    16.1K 55


Drama Inspirational

The strength that I have had was is solely because I am a mother else I would have given up a long t...

3    8.4K 100

I Wish To Be A Mermaid - VI


"Alas, he doesn't know it was I who saved his life," the little mermaid thought.

5    16.1K 163

I Wish To Be A Mermaid - V


"Remember!" said the witch. "Once you have taken a human form, you can never be a mermaid again.

5    16.8K 157

I Wish To Be A Mermaid IV


"If men aren't drowned," the little mermaid asked, "do they live on forever? Don't they die, as we d...

6    16.9K 111

I Wish To Be A Mermaid III


Story of a mermaid falling in love with a human boy..

3    8.9K 152

I Wish To Be A Mermaid II

Drama Fantasy

The mermaid watched the Prince regain consciousness, and smile at everyone around him.

2    8.9K 106

Slum Daughter Of India


I lost my last breath lying on the same garbage from where my life started one day....

7    17.4K 186

An Accident In My Life


An accident which taught the author the lesson of karma cycle..

10    1.9K 109

Confession Of A Mother


Motherhood is an extension of identity, it's for women to enhance their lives but not to put pressur...

6    8.6K 123

Its Not Too Late!


Work performed with higher knowledge or skill, capacity or ambition, usually brings a correspondingl...

8    18.1K 155

I Wish To Be A Mermaid


The little mermaid could not take her eyes off the ship and the handsome Prince...

14    17.1K 134

DUHITA -The Daughter

Drama Tragedy

What does the girl get in return?

9    16.4K 181

Pride And Compromise


who doesn’t want to see her son happy?”

11    18.4K 169

Slum Daughter Of India


I lost my last breath lying on the same garbage from where my life had started one day.

7    9.7K 224

Mythology Of Lord Jagannath 1


The story behind the establishment of the famous Jagannath temple.

3    9.7K 162

Kakki Mama


After an hour of wait, in her small cottage, which was outside the complete house, the lady of the h...

8    9.5K 135

My First Crush- II


Break the wall, Face the World….this is the only one option with you now..

8    10.2K 211

My First Crush


Story of discovering one's liking towards the opposite gender..

5    2.3K 214

The Most Awaiting journey- III

Fantasy Others

An adventure of some earthlings on a space ship to Mars...

5    19.4K 189

The Most Awaiting Journey - II

Drama Others

The ladies had come up at him from their chairs, protesting and trembling...

4    9.9K 211

The Most Awaiting Journey - II

Fantasy Others Thriller

All the seething pressures that had been built up over long years came steaming through the delicate...

4    20.0K 238

The Most Awaiting Journey- I

Fantasy Others

Journey of a woman into the extra terrestrial, to experience the divine..

3    20.0K 274



Story of a young girl feeling ecstasy amidst nature's beauty..

4    19.7K 219

Deep Lesson Of Life

Drama Others

Sometimes some wounds given by people are so deep, that you cannot really forget them..

2    10.0K 198

Cream and Red Pashapalli Saree


This story is about believing in yourself and accepting who you are.

9    10.0K 312

A New Cycle Of Life


Today, after twenty years later, on the same floor of the same hospital I found my father rushing to...

4    10.5K 220

Self-dependent Woman


The perception and the real meaning of self-dependence.. how it is twisted and manipulated..

6    9.9K 186



How women are still constantly judged in our modern society..

6    10.0K 236



Everything outside was covered in ice and snow, and the wind cut like a knife in people’s faces. ...

10    10.3K 285



A story about leaving behind all baggages and making a new fresh start in life..

12    20.0K 211



The gifts were five: Fame, Love, Richness, Pleasure and Death.

4    10.5K 230

The Water Wives


A tale of reluctance on the Government's part, which is leading to violation of basic rights of peop...

5    10.4K 319

A Little Match Girl


A story about life, death, emotions and the will to attain the most basic of comforts in the world..

4    31.0K 310

Blind Spark

Drama Action

Death of tribal Madhu in Palakkad - He too was as precious to his mother, as I am to my mother.

3    10.4K 225

Break the Silence...!!!


A letter to a father from his agonized daughter, which changed her course of life..

11    9.8K 197

Journey of Heart


"Loneliness adds beauty to life. It puts a special burn on sunset and makes night air smells better!...

5    19.6K 199