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Tanmaya Madhukanta

Hello Friends I love writing and reading. My passion for learning will grow definitely by interacting with new people by this page

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The Splurge Of Buyin Happiness

Drama Inspirational

Happiness is not limited. It’s like pages; you can add on a lot of pages and increase the size of th...

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Religious Taboo


I have seen many people not eating onion on a particular day of the week. It shows respect for God. ...

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Is Old Age A Burden

Drama Others

I came across an elderly person who aged around 95 in an Old Age Home. He was siting depressed and f...

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Is Everything Over After Baby


Nothing is completed after the birth of a baby. In-fact a new life, a new phase have been started.

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Maa Laxmi Empowering Woman

Classics Drama

Remember a family will never grow nor live happily if the woman of the family stays in pain.

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Domestic Violence

Drama Inspirational

Please women wake up from all suffering from domestic violence. Speak up. You are worth so much more...

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I Love You Baby


He held me even tight and said, “You are such a kid. Life is not always rosy baby, the ups and downs...

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Thorns In Life


Papa is a liar. He lied me and went far away, leaving me all alone in this world.

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Are Wives Spoiling Husbands


If these men can work 24 hrs in office and just follow the order of their bosses then why they come....

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