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Mona Sharon

I am a Poetess and Short Story Writer from an IT Background ,Loves to write from heart.Maximum of my stories are real life experiences or my imaginations.

  Literary Colonel



The story is about a man who always helped needy, his doors were always open for them.

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Self Evaluation


He called Rajini and shared his thoughts about his parents. She was so upset to hear that and said, ...

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Fun Game


Finally, Sagar said, "Marriage is bitter, use butter to make it better". A Big round of Applause ...

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Ram's Dream World

Children Stories

One of them saw Ram and said, "Let's have him for dinner!".

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Always Give A Second Thought

Children Stories Drama

Anand was a young scholar and a scientist who did some research on Guava by injecting some medicines...

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Be Happy With What You Have


Mariah Carey was a stingy woman who was always counting money and keeping in the locker. She never s...

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Wise Leader

Drama Others

Kunchanapally was a village with twelve hundred plus families staying there. They had a tradition...

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Love Is Strength


She managed to smile at Anuj and said,”My lovely son, your message gave me strength”.Her husband add...

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Haunted Compromise.


The story narrated the hunted bungalow where the taps kept watering.

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Misunderstanding Ends Relation


Always give a chance to explain and look from both perspectives.

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Super Power Is Watching You!

Children Stories Drama

All went in the mosque and started praying and then suddenly they see the sunlight, They All Thanked...

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Never Touched Heart

Drama Inspirational

Never underestimate a fresher. Always give a chance to them to prove their talent and change the gro...

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Death Of Innocent People

Abstract Tragedy

The story shows a fight between two villages and innocent family getting killed.

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Content Team Credit

Drama Inspirational

Everyone needs credit, do encourage if someone is doing something for you!

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Dirty Hygiene

Abstract Children Stories Tragedy

The story shows what we teach kids, they give back in return.

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Realization Of Luxuries

Abstract Children Stories

The story shows how parents make their kids realize the value of luxurious life by taking them to th...

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Beauty Research Project


After a week she gets a parcel . She was surprised to open it , at the same time she was curious too...

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Too Much Love


Julie went back home and stayed out for thirteen minutes , tried to open the door and ranged the bel...

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Missing Time


After some days the lesson of Robotics came , That we are so developed now maximum of our work is do...

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Planned Dream


He just turned his bike went to the shop and bought twenty caps and distributed to the poor

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Enjoy The Freezing Cold


Poor family enjoying the freezing cold

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Did You Meet Yourself


He wanted to talk to me was just staring but he had a queue of people waiting for him. I waited till...

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Time Is Family!!


You all are absolutely correct, I wish to be born a decade ago, where they were no phone, facebook, ...

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Patient's Trust


We see this drama daily; you guys are too much!!

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Lost Childhood


Now that I have everything I wished for, I am Left with no wishes....

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Positive In Negative


As I heard this, I was upset for years; then came my 10th class exams...

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Killing A Boss


Then I realized "EVERYDAY IS A LEARNING ".

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वक़्त कर्म नहीं भूलता


वह भी रोने लगती है की मेरे ही कर्मो की ये सजा है, मैं भूल जाऊं तो क्या वो नहीं भूलता।

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माँ बेटे की दुआ


उस रब के ख़ज़ाने में कोई कमी नहीं है। कमी तो हम में है जो हमको माँगना नहीं आता। अगर सच्चे दिल से मांगे...

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