• How to submit your work ?

    Go to the Submit tab, select the category of your submission from the options in the dropdown. Fill the required tabs and click on the Submit button.

  • What should I submit under Art Work?

    Any image, photo, paintings, or cartoons which can tell some story or give some impression. Please don’t submit your own portrait.

  • Can I submit my hand-written Stories ,Poems and MirrorQuotes ?

    We only accept typed content. Please get your content typed in before submission.

  • What are MirrorQuotes ?

    MirrorQuotes are quotations. Typical MirrorQuotes should not be more than 2 sentences long.

    It should be original.

  • Can I edit my work after submission?

    Yes, Until it is approved or rejected by editorial team.

  • Are Tagging and Genre mandatory for my work ?

    Yes. This will make your work easily searchable.

  • What is the last date for submission of work ?

    There is no last date for submission of your work. However in order to participate in current contest you need to submit your work on or before 31st March 2017 .

  • When can I expect to see the winners of the current contest ?

    We have already shortlisted a set through Scoreboard. We are taking help from distinguished jury pannel to decide the top 3. We will soon publish the final list. Expected date for declare of result is 31st May.

  • In case of further inquiries, whom should I approach?


  • Can I submit travel blogs/health tips etc?

    Yes, provided they tell a story. We discourage if it does not tell a story. If you have submitted your work somewhere else, please get it deleted first before resubmission to StoryMirror. Please contact admin@storymirror.com for any issues.

  • What happens after I submit my work? How much time does it take to get it published on the website?

    It goes through editorial board who review your work. It normally takes a few days. Once approved, it is published on the portal. If you want your work to be reviewed faster, please mark a mail to admin@storymirror.com.

  • What about copyright of the work?

    All contents submitted are copyrighted with author as a content creator and StoryMirror as content distributor.

  • What is the prize money for current contest ?

    460000 INR.

  • Can I win multiple prizes ?

    Yes, you can win multiple prizes even in the same category. (English/Hindi/Oriya/Art/MirrorQuotes)

  • Can I submit a my work,which is already published on other social media platforms?

    Yes, All your work need to be original. If you have submitted your work somewhere else, please get it deleted first before resubmission to StoryMirror. Please contact admin@storymirror.com for any issues.

  • How will I be notified whether I have won the competition or not?

    Periodically, you can check the ranking of your work in Scoreboard section. Once the competition is over, we will publish the information on our site and send a mail to you. Awards will either be sent through cheque or through account payment, whichever is convenient to you. Please note that TDS will be deducted as applicable under income tax rules.

  • How can I become a member of StoryMirror and contribute even after the competition is over?

    It is very simple. Click LOGIN | REGISTER menu to go to the Login screen. Enter username and email ID. Your verification code will be sent to your email. Congratulations! You are now a member of our club. Membership is absolutely free. You will not be able to submit any work till you verify your email.

  • Is it safe to use my mail ID while registering?

    Yes. absolutely. No spam or any other unwanted email would be ever sent to you. Maintaining your privacy is always our priority. We do not display member’s email ID or any contact details anywhere. You can, however, still receive comments and suggestions from your followers without them knowing your contact details.

  • Is there any mobile app as well?

    Please go to the Google Play Store and download android version of StoryMirror.

  • What are the other benefits of StoryMirror?

    Your popular work on StoryMirror might make their way into anthologies which we will publish later. You are allowed to attend StoryMirror seminars and workshops free of cost. StoryMirror books are available to its readers at special discounted rates. We promise to share the best and the most transparent royalty model. We do not charge anything for editing , bookcover ,marketing for the books published through us. The royalty is highest in India and there is transparency in the conveying actual number of sales figure to authors.

  • What is editorial rebalance?

    It is the process where more editors read your work and give them points. Final points are the average of all the editorial points. In editorial rebalancing activity, ranks might be altered.

  • What is the word limit for submitting your work ?

    There is no word limit.

  • Can I submit regional language content in roman font

    No,We reject all the Hindi and Oriya content written in English font. Please use some online tools or akruti software to help you select correct font.

  • Can I submit multiple content?

    Yes, you can submit multiple content.

  • I cannot share my work or and see them either on 'Scoreboard'.

    Either your work is in pending review or have been rejected.

  • What are the reasons for rejection of my stories ,poems, MirrorQuotes ?

    1) Any plagiarised content would be rejected.

    2) Your content has been rejected due to the fact that it comprises of more than 10% of the grammar/ spelling errors in it.

    3) Your content was rejected due to excessive usage of foul language.

    4) Your content was rejected because of biased religious remarks in it. These could become the reason for people of other religions to feel offended.

    5) Your content contains elements that are suspicious to be plagiarised, so rejected.

    6) Your submission has been rejected because it contains mistakes in language/ syntax/ structure/ conclusion, resulting in a not so good overall impact.

  • What are the reasons for rejection of my ArtWork?

    1) Submission does not meet the criteria to be under Art category.

    2) Doubt over the claim of being 'your' original work.

    3) Rejected by the review panel.

    4) Submitted work is offensive/ discriminatory/ politically motivated/ religiously biased.

    5) Error in file, please submit again.

    6) Submission has been rejected because it contains mistakes in language/ syntax/ structure/ conclusion, resulting in a not so good overall impact.