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There are a lot of myths around Hinduism because of the lack of knowledge and information.
Fundamentals about Vedas, Upanishads, Vedic Literature & the origin of Puranas are not taught in schools.
So, we are always deprived of immense knowledge that is encoded in those ancient books.
On 26th Jun, StoryMirror is starting fireside lecture series on the core concept with help of Ashok Mishra - A research scholar and best-selling author. His Book 'Hinduism - Ritual, Reason and Beyond' has been adjudged as the Top 7 best Hinduism books to read in 2021 by "BookAuthority", 
where thought leaders and experts from CNN, Forbes, and many journals select good books. 
It's a very rare opportunity to have true knowledge about ancient scriptures. Knowledge seekers can't miss it.
Event name: Understanding Rig Veda
Date: 26th June 2021
Time: 5:00 PM onwards
Confused about whether you need this session or not?
Take this quiz and set your expectations: http://sm-s.in/HhwVWL4
You can also download a sample copy of his book : http://sm-s.in/JoqHNdH

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