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Aadhira In Moon Land
Aadhira In Moon Land

© Priyanshi Rawat

Children Fantasy

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Once upon a time lived a small girl named Aadhira with her father, mother and granny. After having her dinner, Aadhira went to her room and sat on a chair near the window sill. She was seeing the white full moon and talking to herself. “I wonder, why it keeps reducing and enlarging itself. Week before last week I saw it reducing in size. But today it is bigger than yesterday. It looks so beautiful when it is a circle”, said Aadhira to herself. “I have seen a rabbit there. Granny and my friends also say that they have seen a rabbit there. I wonder how it went there, I wonder how it lives there, and I wonder how it would look seeing from there.

I wish…..even I could go there.”

“It’s time to sleep Aadhira” a voice came from the kitchen. “It is 10’o clock already.” “Ok mom”, said Aadhira. She closed the lights and went to sleep. When she was lying on the bed something in the moon was shining very bright on her eyes. When she opened her eyes she saw a white rabbit in the moon! Adding to her surprise the rabbit was heading straight towards her garden from the sky.

Aadhira stood up and quickly but quietly went to garden’s door. She found that the door was locked. “Oh no! The door is locked. The keys are kept in granny’s room”, said Aadhira “I have to take the keys but for that I have to go pass the kitchen. Mom is there in the kitchen!” Aadhira came out of her room and saw that the lights of the kitchen were closed. Maybe mom went for sleeping, she thought. Then she went to her granny’s room. Granny was sleeping, she thought not to wake her up. Then she found the keys kept on the table. She took them and went to open the lock. Then she hung the keys on a nail on the wall.

When she opened the door she saw the rabbit standing on two legs waiting for her. The rabbit was white in colour, one foot taller than her, had adorable eyes, had big ears and had a smiling face. He was dressed up in shirt and shorts. “Hello little girl! What is your name?” said the rabbit.

Aadhira was more than amazed, for till now she had seen so many rabbits but none of them was able to stand and speak like humans. She remembered one of her incidents with her friend’s rabbit. She and her friend were trying to make the pet rabbit speak. But here there was rabbit standing on its own and speaking so fluently as if was a human. In her deep thinking she remembered she was asked a question of what’s her name.

Coming out of her thoughts she replied “Hello, my name is Aadhira. What is your name? How are you able to speak and stand like we humans do? She was quite very curious to know. “My name is Midnight. I am not an ordinary rabbit. I am a magical rabbit. I am here to take you to the moon. Would you like to come?” said the rabbit. Aadhira had been wanting to go to the moon. How come she won’t say yes? “Yes! I would love to.” Midnight sat down and said “Ok then be seated on my back.” Aadhira sat on him.

Midnight started running. After a few steps of running on the ground he started running in air. Within a few minutes they came up in the air. Little Aadhira who was seeing all this became very happy. “Everything looks so small from here,” said Aadhira. “My house looks so small. Even the biggest tree in our locality the great banyan tree looks so small from here.” Then rang a question in her mind she couldn’t wait to ask “Midnight, do you come like this every day on earth? Do you take all the children to moon like this?” to this Midnight replied, “No, not all children. Only selected fifty children who are of four years are taken to moon on every full moon day. Not only me, there are many other rabbits like me who take children to Moon land. It is a special occasion on Moon land today. We are celebrating a fair today. There will be a special programme today.”

Till then they were about to come out of the earth. “Hold me tight. I am going to increase my speed”, said Midnight. Aadhira hugged him tightly and closed her eyes. At first they went very fast and then later became slower and then stopped.

“We have reached Moon land Aadhira. Open your eyes”, said Midnight. Aadhira opened her eyes and saw that they had reached moon. She came down from Midnight. She saw that the land was white in colour, and there was a big board on the top on which it was written in bold letters ‘WELCOME TO MOON LAND’. There were many buildings. Everywhere there were rabbits and children. Midnight took Aadhira to a hotel in which there was a rabbit receptionist sitting. The receptionist was quite plump and was wearing grey coloured top and short skirt. The receptionist said”, Welcome to moon. I am Snowball. Every child gets a companion in moon to lead. You can think your companion as a travel guide. Your companion in moon will be Lily the rabbit. Hope you like it.” Aadhira thought indeed she looked like a snowball.

Midnight left her and Lily came. Lily was a pink coloured rabbit wearing shorts and shirt. Lily was very polite. Lily said to Aadhira “you would be hungry after a long way here what would you like to eat? I can order anything for you. Ranging from pizza, burger to chola puri, momos anything what you would like to eat. Aadhira said she would eat whatever is special in Moon Land. Lily smiled and said, “Ok I will take to food court. Buttermilk is special here. Would you like to taste it?” “Surely I would”, said Aadhira. Then they went to food court. Aadhira drank buttermilk. She asked Lily “It is very delicious I would like to see how you make it”. “Ok I will, but after sometime”, said Lily.

They went to the amusement park. There were all types of rides like merry-go-round, slides, swing, cup and saucer, roller coaster etc. which were found in all amusement parks. There was even a swimming pool over there. But there were two different things which she had neither seen nor heard of. First was named as ‘zero-gravity play centre’, it was a dome in which children were allowed to feel how it would be in zero-gravity. Second one was a doll house but not an ordinary one. It was named ‘Rabbit House’ here dolls were there with rabbits. The speciality was that there was one machine. In that machine, the children had to enter inside the gate of the machine with their companion and the machine would scan them and make their small cute dolls with their companions which just looked like replica in small sizes. Aadhira and Lily got inside and got their dolls ready just in few seconds. Then the dolls were given to the children as a momentum. Aadhira kept the doll with her.

Then they both went to the reception. Lily was talking to Snowball in their own language which Aadhira was not able to understand. Then Lily took her in a place like train station. Then they both took the tickets and went near the track. “Now we are going to buttermilk centre, this is where special buttermilk is made by rabbit workers and supplied to us. From here only you got the buttermilk which you drank a while ago.” said Lily. There were car like things having only two seat at the back and one full front seat just for driver. The car did not have shelter. This thing was called moon car. The driver was friendly. He was dressed up in coat pant of blue colour. He asked, “hello little girl what is your name? My name is Fluffy.” “Hello Fluffy my name is Aadhira. Thanks for taking me to buttermilk centre”, said Aadhira. Fluffy smiled. Then they sat in the moon the car and went off to buttermilk centre.

On the way she saw big carrots with windows and doors. When she asked Lily what are they to her surprise she said that they are houses. Moon rabbits live in these types of houses. Then slowly the houses became less and now there were no houses as they moved forward.

After some minutes they arrived at buttermilk centre. This centre was quite huge. It was a double-storeyed building spread out on a very large area. When they went inside they found two rabbits Thumper and Oreo dressed up in yellow coloured shirt and black coloured pants waiting for them. Thumper and Oreo took them to a place where rabbits were churning milk. All rabbits were dressed in the same style as that of Thumper and Oreo. It was a uniform explained Lily. Thumper and Oreo both shook hand with Aadhira and started to do their work. They took one thread each which was tied on a thick long wooden stick which was placed on a huge mud pot filled with milk and started rotating the stick. After some time the buttermilk was ready. Thumper took out the buttermilk in one glass and gave it to Aadhira. It was very tasty. She thanked Oreo and Thumper. Then Aadhira came back to the reception hall in the moon car with Lily.

Then all the children were made to be seated with their companion in a hall room. There was a big stage in front of them. “Why have we assembled here?” asked Aadhira to Lily. “There is going to be a programme in which you will see rabbits singing, dancing, acting and all of this will be inaugurated by our leader rabbit Angel. It will begin with Angel’s speech” said Lily.

The programme started. There came the host of the show Spike. Rabbit Angel the leader was called for inauguration of the programme. Angel had grown very old. By seeing the wrinkles on her face it could have been determined that she would have crossed a century.

She started giving the speech “Hello and welcome to one and all present here. The children who have come from planet earth we hope you all would have enjoyed a lot over here.”

“YES” was a chorus answer from children.

“On this special occasion of grand Luna Fair, we would like to show you all our cultural programmes. This Luna Fair has completed its Golden Jubilee today. You all would be thinking why this fair is being conducted and what’s so special about it. Well it is the celebration of successfully completing ‘Fifty’ years of bringing children from Earth to Moon for their happiness. It all started from a girl named Rishima. She wanted to visit the moon. So our leader at that time Rabbit Angel asked me to bring her to moon. After seeing her happy Rabbit Pellet thought to bring all the children to moon who wished to. So even now we continue that tradition of bringing children to moon. Now with not much delay we will start the programme.” The speech ended. First came the singers. Then the dancers. The dancers were dancing in a circle. “It is our ancient dance” said Lily. Dancers and singers were beautifully dressed. Then there was a skit stating how the first child of earth Rishima came to moon because it was wishing to come to moon and Rabbit Angel their leader had wanted to complete the child’s wish. And from then the rabbits would go down all the way to earth to bring the children to Moon.

Then the programme ended and Aadhira knew it was time to go home. She had liked the company of Lily very much. Then she remembered that she was having her and Lily’s doll as momentum. Lily left Aadhira to reception hall. Lily gave Aadhira a hug and went away as she saw Midnight coming towards them.

“Time to go home” said Midnight to Aadhira. Aadhira came out of the hotel with Midnight and sat on Midnight’s back. Midnight started to run. No sooner had Midnight started running when something bright shone on Aadhira’s eyes that she closed her eyes. Aadhira was hearing voices like “wake up! Wake up! Wake up Aadhira!”

Then she felt something blocking the passage of light .when she opened her eyes she found herself in her bedroom and her mother in front of her. She asked her mother “Mom, where is Midnight?” “Midnight has gone. It is morning right now” her mom said. “No, no”, said Aadhira “It’s a name of a rabbit. You know last night I went to moon and drank buttermilk and…….” “It was your dream”, said her mother. Get up and get ready. Its half past seven. Then her mother came out of her room.

“A dream! Was it really just a dream? It could be” she thought “but how could it be? Everything was so realistic. Ok I should hurry up I have to tell what happened last night with me to everyone!” She got ready and rushed to dining room to tell everyone what had happened last night in her dream!

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