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At The Horizon
At The Horizon

© Chirasree Bose

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I spent days desiring a life that I live now. I would look far into the horizon where the ocean and the sky met. My eyes would scintillate trying to find the horizon where my dreams and reality would meet. Days passed. Months and then years. I stand at this juncture now, where my dream isn't distinct from the reality anymore. I still, at times, stare at the thin, inconspicuous line where the ocean meets the sky. Do they really meet there?

No. They don't. Because that very line keeps them apart. But, are they really apart? No. If you seek the sky, you can find it on the surface of the ocean; they are inseparable. Neither the ocean tries to wash away that line, nor the sky attempts to smear its blue on it.

Riyansh was that line which kept my dream and reality apart. I loved him. But not more than he loved me. Hence when he realized his being there was holding me back from making my dream come true, he moved aside. And my dream found its way into the reality.

Now every time I look into the horizon, I realize just as sky and ocean are meant to be separate, dream and reality should be distinct. If you seek one, you can find it reflected in the other. But if they are blended into each other, you'd be lost wondering where the dream ends and where reality begins.

The line should've been there. To hold me back. To keep me grounded. To make me feel real. Wanted. Loved. And to dare me to dream again.

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