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Her Belief Was Her Magic!
© Diksha Gupta

Children Stories Inspirational

It's the self-belief which is the biggest magic one can read more

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© Prity Jha

Children Stories Fantasy +1

So far the mystical creature had killed six people and more twelve cows and read more

2     108    5   

Tom's world was boring - Study, study, study, and more study. Something happens to read more

8     300    46   

Wouldn't every girl dream to have their perfect guy, after all, a perfect guy is no read more

3     255    5   

© Muskan Saifi

Drama Romance +1

I never would have imagined he was a read more

5     170    21   

Reality Or Dream
© Aiysha khan

Children Stories

A child's experience of a magical world - was it a dream or read more

3     170    20   

© Deepti Gupta

Drama Inspirational

Vivek proved to be the TRUE artist - by touching read more

3     197    47   

The Magic Inside You
© Shreyal Shah

Children Stories Inspirational

We all have that inner magic in us which we just need to find out and channelize in read more

2     157    7   

Impenetrable One..
© Ms. Nikita

Children Stories Others

When I was in class 12, we had a class of friends, rather good read more

1     169    18   

© palak inde

Children Stories Fantasy +1

It was 11 in the night. I heard some noises. It woke me read more

3     302    47   

This mythical creature exists, at least in the minds of people who believe in read more

2     301    47   

Night Of Nightmares
© Nivedita Das

Children Stories Drama

Four-year-old Renee was highly enthusiastic about visiting her grandparent’s home read more

4     267    3   

© Nikhila Gayatri Kalla

Children Stories Inspirational

I learnt that art does not have to be something big but it can be as small as a read more

7     158    8   

It was grandma and grandad's 50th wedding anniversary and everyone in the family read more

7     166    16   

The Journey
© Namrata Garware

Children Stories Drama +1

That morning, I was on my way to the office in my air-car, when my air-car suddenly read more

2     240    40   

I was over to my grandparents’ place during my summer read more

4     291    41   

A letter from a mother to a read more

2     159    9   

Sia lived with her family in the read more

3     216    16   

Siva did not care to go to school unlike many other friends and did not mind when read more

27     256    6   

Celebrating Failure
© shilpa shahdeo

Drama Inspirational

The couple started picking every twig bit by bit, to rebuild their read more

10     112    12    485

In Wonderland
© shilpa shahdeo

Drama Inspirational

Pooja looked around. She belonged to no-one’s country, no-one’s land. She was lost read more

19     148    48    1098

Two friends find a black book of read more

3     178    7    8973

© Shishira Pathak

Drama Fantasy +1

Humans are now interplanetary species. WELCOME TO THE AGE OF CYBERNETIC read more

3     258    7    5723

Her eyes were shedding thick tears now, she could not see read more

10     162    12    1154

© Jisha Rajesh

Drama Tragedy

Tejas and Kahina started meeting each other every night in the read more

7     271    11    487

But suddenly, he was diagnosed with throat cancer. And gradually, his condition read more

3     138    35    1760

© iron man gaming

Children Stories Drama

After he hunted the elephants he went to his cave and happily ate his read more

1     192    42    9804

Lovers commit suicide as the parents are against them getting read more

4     138    38    4079

In fear, he shouts with all his energy and then starts to run amuck to the read more

6     266    16    1149

James smiled and vanished from her sight. He had forgiven her for her read more

7     269    10    674