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One morning, I got very good news that my dad got a read more

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She flung aside her blanket and stepped down the queen-sized read more

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Three Friends
© Heet Jain

Children Stories Drama

He took the books of 3 men and hid it in each other’s read more

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Arin, Gloria, Dhruv and Sania were rewarded by the Prime Minister for their bravery read more

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Magical Flower
© Mahi Agrawal

Children Stories Fantasy +1

Once upon a time, there lived a poor girl named Maria. She lived with her read more

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Act of Kindness
© Nandita Gautam

Children Stories Drama +1

The car paced with the same momentum and in the next instant, it hit me read more

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The Merchant's Son
© Nandan chalke .

Children Stories Drama

Once in Udaipur there lived the merchant's read more

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And I couldn't stop breaking into tears when I probably saw him after 12 years after read more

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At one point Madav lost control over the vehicle a and he banged the car into a tree read more

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He was walking alone on the road during the odd hours that read more

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Leena’s mother, Harini, was a single parent. Her father had passed away when she was read more

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© Madhu Bala

Children Stories Drama +1

He met with an accident... His head was damage a read more

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Water Scarcity

Children Stories Others

They started digging the well. Two days passed, they dug up to fifty read more

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The Blood Bond
© Manaswita Sachdeva

Children Stories Drama +1

Dhruv and Dhruvi are siblings. Dhruv is 16-year-old while Dhruvi is read more

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Unique Hobby
© Sonal Shah

Children Stories Drama +1

There was a boy whose name was Peter. He was very shy and did not have any read more

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The Street Singer
© Vadiraja Mysore Srinivasa

Children Stories Drama +1

I smiled broadly, closed my eyes and enjoyed the music from the street read more

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Josh was famous at school. Everyone used to call him the cool read more

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Thunder and lightning were all I could see outside my bedroom read more

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The Seasons Of Life

Children Stories Classics

There was a man who had four read more

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Wonders of God
© manisha sanghavi

Children Stories Action +1

Once upon a time, a merchant was walking through a thick dense read more

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A Scary Mill And Some Magic
© Maria1 Selvan

Children Stories Crime +1

There was a very poor, little boy who didn't have read more

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The Three Monkeys
© Eben Marshal

Children Stories Drama

In the forest there lived three monkey friends named Moorthi, Karthi, and read more

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The Scary Shadow
© Ehaan Mohammad

Children Stories Horror

Young Bunty was returning from a late-night read more

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Two Sisters
© Risha Maheshwari

Children Stories Horror

Once upon a time there lived two sisters - Fia and read more

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The Rise of the Sun
© Arvind ashok .

Children Stories Classics +1

I, Apollo, the Greek god of the sun, medicine, poetry, truth, archery and music was read more

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Man And Tree
© pawan priya

Children Stories Drama +1

There was a man who planted one tree on occasion of his son's read more

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The children reached home, but didn’t say a word to anybody about the strange, read more

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The succesful girl
© srini karan

Children Stories Drama

Hard work ends with a successful read more

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The Witch And Five Children
© Vedant sheth .

Children Stories Drama +1

Once upon a deep in the dark forest lived an evil witch, she loved to eat read more

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The Diary
© sandra bose

Drama Thriller

Lily Myers woke up 3 days later in an unfamiliar read more

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