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© Sharmistha Chatterjee

Children Stories Action

Small boy who is a cobbler is faced with many difficulties at the same time and how read more

6     114    5    4360

Home Alone

Children Stories Action

Four children manage to help catch a thief when they are home read more

2     366    6    8894

All Of Me
© Sejal Abhangrao

Children Stories Drama +1

The story of a woman who has multiple personality disorder triggered by a freaky read more

12     107    5    239

The Haunted Mines With TADS
© Gaurav Kansal

Children Stories Action

Once upon a time there lived 4 friends called Tanmay, Arav, Dhruv, and read more

4     269    28    2363

The New Hero
© The Undertale

Children Stories Action +1

Donatus gets drawn into a video game - he has to save the world from the read more

4     205    4    6206

We can stop killing each other in the name of cast and religion. We can feed the read more

11     29.3K    674    16

Her Alluring Eyes
© Mangesh Shirke

Action Fantasy +1

The aliens knew the presence of some other power beside them, but they couldn’t read more

20     596    37    36

A Dark And Stormy Night...
© Aarohee Patel

Action Children Stories

Exams are over; the family goes to a music show at the mall to have fun. But then read more

6     1.5K    40    44

The Doors Of Doom
© Kanav Bhasin

Action Children +1

Suddenly Tom stumbled and fell. Then something happened and Tom went to read more

9     5.7K    82    90

A fascinating story of twin sisters with special powers who are separated, only to read more

42     17.4K    210    120

© Rajiv Soni

Action Inspirational +1

Seher makes India proud being the first woman read more

22     136    4    194

The chronicles of The read more

38     17.7K    217    202

A fast-paced story of a little boy trapped in the kingdom of walrus and how he read more

4     18.6K    206    203

The king gave a cue to his courtiers to accept him as their read more

7     1.5K    60    219

The Gods were furious at pitiful condition of earth. They were angry at never ending read more

27     2.1K    161    249

They wanted to poach an alpine wallaby as they were almost extinct and in the black read more

3     17.3K    123    287

The Unfinished Game
© Avishi Singh

Abstract Action +1

The best king this kingdom has ever had the pleasure of having. Make sure that you read more

5     1.6K    121    65

A sweet story of a little girl bravely fights for a family with whom she grows up read more

3     16.7K    198    341

A story of a boy who bravely fights to save his community who live in the city of read more

17     13.3K    169    342

Now chaos reigned. Lorenzo’s bodyguard quickly formed up round him, swords read more

104     848    25    410

With the help of Russian army, Indian army successfully trapped majority of the read more

6     1.5K    77    450

© Nishant Umredkar

Action Fantasy

Everyone was afraid of him because it had super powers read more

14     9.6K    219    493

The True Victory
© Riya Antony

Action Inspirational

The war reached a point where one could tell which side would be dejected and which read more

4     15.9K    177    510

I will teach him your life motto of Nation First read more

5     17.0K    71    521

The Invasion
© ashi sharma

Action Fantasy

Ken Stilton hurriedly moved down the NASA corridor. He was wondering why his forty read more

55     4.0K    70    522

Failure never matters, but participation is very read more

38     295    30    527

That day I was inhuman. My teammates were so frustrated that one of them asked read more

4     227    2    538

Woman's World
© Akash Sharma

Action Crime +1

Yes, Women are running the place. But it's like a home now. They're as caring as a read more

14     17.8K    128    664

She was sitting on the front yard steps, her head tilted up, trying to clot her read more

21     12.6K    281    853

A story based on the First ever Surgical Strike by the Indian Army on Pakistan in read more

9     16.2K    154    904