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Sahana Banerjee

What can't be spoken about can be written fearlessly.. That is what I believe is the power of pen 🖋. Writing is my passion alongside being a believer of the higher power and loving my family 👪 My writings were successfully published in the "Prabhaat Khabar" and am a blogger. "http://reminiscence1234@blogspot.in" is my blog ...do read my stories published there. You can also follow my page on facebook : Reminiscence: My Views My Perceptions and on Instagram : @sahana_banerjeez_blog read more

  Literary Colonel

Let Your Words Fly

Abstract Children Stories Drama

Let your words be the sword now, Let it fight for you, Let it shed blood blue!

1    238 33

I Am Who You Made Me

Tragedy Inspirational Drama

I am who YOU made me, I am your ugly reflection...

1    401 2



The poem attempts to depict the struggles of a woman fighting mental depression and her struggles to...

2    70 1

Tried to Erase

Drama Tragedy

I tried to erase. Scrubbed my mind,

1    309 42

Boys Don't Cry

Abstract Children Stories

The poet has tried to express how we have stereotyped boys and raised them all wrong.

2    70 2



She said she wants to be the day, Wants to throw her darkness away...

1    63 1



One selfie with the lady was must, To look like the woman of the dust. As soon as the photo-shoot ...

1    198 21

Phoenix - The Fight Of A Woman


Momentary wind blew her tangled yet dark hair off her face, I saw the fight still left in her. The...

1    384 32

Love, Yours Smriti


Hustling through the polluted air, The traffic and utter despair, Mohit made his way into the bus, W...

3    54 1



A heart wrenching poem about rape and its brutality. The poem pleads us to rise against such heinou...

3    189 8

The Sky Was Blue


In a slumber very deep, Rising above the red ground, light and free of the pain.

1    1.9K 6



वो लाज है बिखरी हुई ज़मीन पर जो उधड़ा पड़ा।

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इक इश्क ऐसा भी


मिट्टी की सौंधी खुश्बू की तरह सबके आंगन को महकाना।

2    161 1

जब तुम मिलोगे


जब तुम मिलोगे मैं घड़ी घर पर छोड़ आऊंगी, खतों में जो बातें सिमट न पाई थी, वो कहानियां तुम्हें सुन...

1    52 1

प्यार : एक आग का दरिया

Inspirational Tragedy

अपने पैरों पर खड़े होने की कोशिश से पहला प्यार करो ,ताकि कभी भी किसी और के अत्याचार का शिकार ना बनो।

3    455 14

জাতের খোঁজ


আর যেন কাউকে না বেরোতে হয় জাতের খোঁজে

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